So there is something I like doing when I acquire a new paper book, which I have never read before and I am feeling rather thoughtful. That something is asking the book various thoughtful questions, then opening it at a random page, pointing at a random line and interpreting that line in a way it would answer the question. 

So the book I am using today is called “Life in a fishbowl” by Len Vlahos. I have never heard of it before and I just randomly picked it up at the local supermarket in Morocco. I was genuinely surprised to find a book in English here so took it as a sign that I must have it.

So without any further ado:

  • What will my time in Morocco be like?

 “I’ll tell you what,” Jared answered. “Let’s go tiara and book..” (…shopping was already on the different line, but sometimes I read that one word or sentence to help me make sense)

My interpretation of this is that I will need a holiday after my time in Morocco, no surprise here haha.

  • Will this show be a success?

..crude but skilled editorial eye. It was exactly what he and Jackie… (… had hoped it would be: a chronicle of the truth.)

I kid you not, this was the exact line page 188, not much interpretation here is needed.

  • Will I work on the second season for it?

..Northwest Province of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. May..

OK, today I feel a little bit on a roll, since I know they are thinking Italy for the season 2, so for now it feels promising? Or am I just seeing things?

  • Are actors going to be ok handling the heat? 

..your television station to interfere.” Ethan noticed the nun..

OK this sounds to me that someone will be seriously unwell and BBC will have to do something about it..

  • Is everyone in the crew will be ok?

..and physically prepare for this moment. The entirety of his brief..

Hmm.. Ok this really does sound like it is going to be a rather challenging shoot. I’d rather wrap this up with something positive.

  • Is there going to be any new couples/romance between the crew or the cast?

..importance to remember to do so.

Haha there you have it, it is important to keep some romance, as otherwise it seems that it will be one hell of a job. Love does make everything much more bearable.

Hope you have enjoyed my little game. Let me know if you do that too, so curious!

Cheers with the glass full of reading and interpreting(?) elephant!