Hello hello!

This is my last entry for a rather short lived diary of Budapest.

I am no longer there by the way. Christmas is way around the corner and there is so much to do I finally had a chance to sit down and go through the little photos I took during the last couple of weeks.

Also I am starting to see the drawbacks of bigger camera on set as I actually struggle to take it to work with me let alone take any photos there. AND of course the is the NDA, the bigger the job the stricter the production is about the cameras on set. Anyway. I shall find the way in the future. BUT for now this is really my life outside of work in pictures. No so much life not so many pictures.

All things considered Budapest has been interesting, the job as busy, but I have learnt some new things, I have seen some new things and that is what truly matters. I know I won’t be coming back on this job next year unless some sort of miracle happens. I am not too upset about it as studio shoots are too monatomic for me and the time started to drag because of it. Not the best feeling. BUT once again, I have no regrets and now I am just looking forward to some family time for the holidays with my family and my boyfriend who has been so sweet and patient waiting for me to come back home. 

On this happy note I shall thank you once again for sticking with me even through the less eventful times of my life. I shall see you back in my Lithuania diary after this.

BIG LOVE and happy holidays to you ALL!


Monday. The day started very well. The producer who invited me on this show said that the edit room is in love with me. That’s a big praise. It sort of put me in a good mood already for the day and after I was told a rumour about potentially not shooting on the weekend. SO I got even happier, because I could go to London with no worries. The scene of today was a few scenes broken down and it was actually really cool. We had a nice life like dead body and sweet sounding actors. I consider today a win. I take it and count my blessings that in the midst of things which have changed on this job there are also good things happening.

Tuesday. Today started interesting. I am already tired due to not going to bed at a decent time, which is all my fault. Now I am sitting and waiting for some answers on costume questions, it is already a busy day, but we haven’t started filming, which could mean overtime. In other news we were in fact given Saturday and Monday off which is a dream come true.  

Wednesday. Another busy day on set, but a bit lighter than what I had yesterday. 

Thursday. Our day off from shooting today. What a gift. I slept in, had my morning coffee while chatting to Margarita and went out with Ants to the fine arts museum here all before 1pm. Productive. At 4pm I had Pilates and after that I met up with Tatjana, who I bumped on the street next to my hotel on Sunday. Small film world. We had a very nice evening catching up and drinking red wine while sitting at this cosy little restaurant around the corner from the hotel. Such nice day. I booked my flight to London for Saturday and made arrangements for that spa thing we are going do with the girls there. Living the dream these days. Counting my blessings. 

Friday. Boom and it is Friday. This shoot feels like we have been going for months and it’s only been few weeks of the actual principal photography. I know that film industry has that weird time morphing effect, but non the less I get surprised every time. 

Saturday. Weekend in London. My flight was delayed by almost 2 hours, but I had plenty of time so that was ok. I watched Wednesday on Netflix on my flight there so the flight went by quick. I finally met Divas daughters and had a catch up with Daiva. Felt like good old days. And meeting Emma of course it felt surreal. Made me miss London.

Sunday. The three of us went fro brunch at the Ivy. We talked so much it was so so nice. I honestly lack the words to describe how full my heart felt after the weekend together. Also being back in London after such long time.


  • Weekend off and London baby.
  • Emma and Daiva reunion!
  • A surprise day off on Thursday.
  • Kind words from the edit room and the producers.

Cheers with a glass full of positive manifestations elephant!


Monday. I got home 2 hours later because of another set of delays while flying back from London. Apparently it snowed in the night and I did not even know as I was sat on the plane. Lucky I managed to get back at all, considering how standstill London gets when it snows. I slept in, then had my last pilates class and met up with Tatjana for some Prosecco at the bar of our hotel. It was a very wholesome day. Few more to go and I am going back. Hurray!

Tuesday. First day back on set and our only exterior of this block. I must say I a glad this is the only day outside. It was gloriously sunny, but so so cold once the sun set and we actually needed the night. Once I was back in my hotel I had a nice long bath to warm up and I had it easy considering. I was in a semi warm directors tent for the most part so don’t even want to imagine what it would have been like to be constantly in the cold. Blessed and grateful that the day is over. Few more and I will be going home. Hurray!!

Wednesday. We are at a new studio today, called Stern. I have heard horror stories how cold and uncomfortable it is here from the crew who did some work here before. BUT. All those concerns were for nothing. I actually really like it here. It is smaller and bathrooms as well as catering are much closer so I have time to run and do all the things I struggled to do at the bigger place. Also we have different cast and new sets to play with so the day seems to go faster. Cannot wait to be going home though. Also today I was told that the production does not want me back next year as they are hiring someone local and cheaper. Well this was an excuse I was given. Now I am just ready for some time off and can start visualising a nice warm climate job for February. Fingers crossed I succeed.

Thursday. Big set up today. New set. 3 cameras. Everything taking long to set up so I actually have time to stroll around and be a bit social. It is nice. I say that it takes me 3 weeks to feel settled in a new job and I really feel it now. Shame this job is only 3 weeks of shoot, so by the time I feel like I found my place we will wrap.

Friday. Another day another late start. We were supposed to be pushing back the hours to start earlier after our night work on Tuesday, but somehow we did not. That means that we might wrap this whole show at 10pm tomorrow, which gives me few hours to pack and sleep before my flight at 9am on Sunday morning. Non the less I am looking forward to it Our last days here are intense for me. We have 4 cameras, so a lot of extra notes and things to watch out for. After yesterday I was so tired I did not start packing as I was planning. Ruta Sid she will pick me up from the airport on Sunday so I am very excited.

Saturday. Last day of shoot. Intense as we are completing this massive scene from yesterday. We are very lucky though as the child actor we have with us those two days is actually incredible and we do not have the usual struggles of working with children. The downside was that the director was feeling rather moody today so the atmosphere in the tent was tense. On the other hand we wrapped the whole hour early and boom. The job is over. The production organised an ice skating wrap party after work so thanks to the earlier wrap I could attend. It was fun to skate with few of my work friends and wow they were very good! Now I am ready to go home. That’s a wrap on 2022 work for me. 

Sunday. 9 am flight. No delays. Happiness. Ruta picked me up as promised and helped me up with the suitcases. So thankful. We had some Lithuania food delivered, popes a bottle of champagne open I picked up at the duty free and had a nice afternoon together. Good old days. After 10pm Lukas got off work and made to mines. Very cute, he always comes with flowers if we had some time apart and today was no exception. I am still getting used to the fact that I have a boyfriend now, but on the other had I feel like I have know him forever. Bring on the Christmas.


  • Last week of shoot.
  • Drinks with Tatjana.
  • Ice skating on wrap.
  • Travelling back home.
  • Happy reunions.

Cheers with a glass full of festive elephant!