I shall be quick because I really need to go to sleep. Our call time is earlier by an hour tomorrow so every minute counts.

This week has gone by very quickly and although we have only been shooting for 6 days I feel like we have done so much and have been here for so long. The weird time morphthing thing of film sets. 

My emotions have been rather steady with some ups and downs usually based on my energy levels and the mood swings of my director. Last night I actually dreamt of him and that has not happened in a long time with anyone, because they actually did not cause me that much stress. Anyway, he told me yesterday that he has ADHD so it all made more sense to me know. I just have to keep my ground for both of our sakes.

On a separate note, I am feeling all sorts of warm feeling for Lukas who I do refer to as my boyfriend now, because it just lifts my spirits up seeing his face on camera before going to bed. We do not do it often, because he is also swamped with work, but I like the way he looks at me and it actually charges me up to carry on. I do not think I have ever felt that way before. 

So yes all is steady on the work front, especially considering how it all started. Blessed to be here.

LOVE to you all!


Monday. Day 1A as the callsheet called it. Back on set and actually shooting. Very exciting. The day went so much better than I though. Had a call with Lukas in the evening which always makes me smile so I went to bed tired, but happy.

Tuesday. Day 2. Arrived in positive spirits to find out that one of the actors from yesterday tested positive so all the cast and crew in close contact need to be retested. We ended up turning over around midday and in the half a day we shot a lot actually. Was so tired at the end of it all. No calls scheduled at home, no need to wash my hair so the plan was to go to bed early. Somehow it did not happen as I ended up playing silly games on my iPhone and watching videos about human anatomy or more specifically how stomach works. Very interesting actually, but not necessary after a full day of work on very sad quick lunch. I need to figure out what to do with food, since I do not get much of it at work.

Wednesday. Day 3. Arrived tired, but in good spirits. My morning van buddies are fun so we always chat on the way. Another covid news is that our 1st AD is being retested due to perhaps positive test he showed this morning. At this rate I am starting to worry if I get it too. At least I would have time to sleep. Ahh. I forgot after not working for so long how sleep deprivation feels. 

Thursday. Day 4. It’s 8 am and I am on set already. We wrapped later yesterday and started earlier today. Living the glam dream of filmmaking. Yesterday went well, but was a rather intense day. I am feeling it today. BUT on the up side, there are no covid news today and also it feels like we have been shooting for much longer. I heard some news that perhaps we are finishing few days earlier than I though, because those few days we lost are moved to block 2. Ahh that would be nice. 

Friday. Since I started having dinners after work I feel much better in the morning. I will do that from now on. Today went by quick and I once again had cold food and not what I ordered. Well, it is what it is. I do feel a little bit settled in my routine now so that’s good. Glad it is Friday and tomorrow is the last day before that one day off. 

Saturday. Today we were filming a woman getting on fire and running to her death. Well it will happen in post months from now. Today it was just a woman running for 6 scenes. What a way to go. It sparked this whole conversation about epic ways to die if you were an actor in the movie. Mine top would probably be what we shot today. Safe to say I am pretty glad I am doing this job, it is definitely a challenge and not easy, but I feel privileged to be here and that’s a lot. After work Ants invited me to come out with him and the gaffer who’s name I forgot for dinner. It was fun and felt like we actually have a life not just work here.

Sunday. Woke up late. Finally. Slept in. Day off. At noon I had pilates, which was great. I sat in the massage chair at the studio after the class, had my camera with me today and the day was kinda sunny so took few photos on my way home. Photos were not good actually, I was probably too tired to be able to frame up properly. Did not know that could happen. But oh well. The funny thing did happen when I was almost back at my hotel, as I was on a phone with my friend Ruta I bumped into my colleague friend from Lithuania right there on the street. She is staying at the same hotel and is part of that crew I saw earlier in the elevator. Funny right! Small world, was so glad to see the familiar face. We agreed to go out for a drink some time this week. Looking forward to that.


  • Week 1 done.
  • Running into Tatjana on the street.
  • Another film crew at the same hotel. Love the energy of other film crew people.
  • Ants and the ability to share and complain to each other about our days, we really do get each others shit, because we go through the same.
  • Sound guys. Vincent and Nico. I just like them a lot.
  • Stephen the VFX guy, also one of my van buddies. Just a nice person, the first Canadian I have ever met.
  • Lukas. 
  • My mama.
  • Technology for allowing to stay in touch with my dear ones!

Cheers with a glass full of work mode elephant!