I am a great believer that no one is born bad and there is good in every person.

We are used to being aware of strangers and don’t particularly like being approached randomly on a street or even online, but as life goes on I have learnt that you can never know where the ‘’punch’’ might come from.

People who seem to care about us have all the power and knowledge how to hurt us and here I do not mean the emotional attachment and the pain which can come through arguments, break ups or even cheating in any way. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic). I have learnt that anyone is actually capable of pretty much anything if a particular situation arose. Your close friend can abandon you when you are in a great need, your boyfriend or girlfriend can scam you of your money or leave you alone in pain on valentines day with a drain coming out of your body for all the reasons unknown to us. I would like to think that I would never be that person, hurting somebody I am close with, but in reality we can never know what would we do if we were in those particular situations.

It is not just a comforting thought.

Some people tend to see a glass half empty, some people tend to see a glass half full. I choose to see a glass full of elephant, because for me it stands for hope.

And hope is many good things.