3 weeks down, 3 more to go. Pretty much half way done. 

This week has been very good it seems. Everyone is getting into the swing of things and almost remember each others names.

Every new location mesmerises me with how beautiful Norway is and I still find it crazy when I remember that not long ago I was surrounded by sand and now it’s the complete opposite. Our earth is so so beautiful really.

My health is starting to become a bit of the ongoing issue and honestly I think that has everything to do with me having covid. I have never felt the way I do now and apart of covid nothing else really happened to me. I have seen online that in US they do special research with people who recovered, but still experience some sort of symptoms. I wonder if there are any similar research facilities in Europe…

OK. I am actually pretty tired, so before I do the shot of my special medicine I bid you all good health.

Stay healthy and strong!



Monday. So. I am writing on set again. The sun came out rather unexpectedly and we are doing light blocking adjustments. We drove for almost and hour and a half to this beautiful location in  another fjordy village. We are going to be here all week as far as I know. It really is special here. Oh yes, we are filming by the church in the cemetery. What a place to die, between the mountains and clouds. 

Tuesday. So yesterday, after work I passed out in bed while watching new David Attenborough show. Woke up without an alarm after super vivid dreams. It was great. Also I started my gratitude journal again and todays exercise was thinking about the day ahead and giving thanks to everything going well in advance. I am in a car now, being driven from our church location to the lake set, because we completed the day way ahead of schedule. Crazy right. Also film industry is probably one of the few ones which rewards you doing well by giving you more work. Also the irony, it has been sunny today and yesterday and it seems to be the problem for our camera and lighting, so for most part we are trying to wait out the sun, shoot with clouds over. Somehow it all feels backwards, but yes it is a good day.

Wednesday. New location. Interior church a completely different place to where we filmed the exterior of the same church. Movie magic. So this new location is in the town called Runde and it is absolutely insane how beautiful it is! The day went well. Had few fires to distinguish so felt rather successful at the end. Skipped dinner at the hotel and instead chilled in my room and got an early night. 

Thursday. Another day at the same beautiful church location, but the weather is grim and rainy again. Well, at least we are indoors. I woke up pretty happy and so far all is well. The actor who is playing the priest is very well known. I mean I knew him and that’s something, because I don’t actually watch that much stuff unless it’s iconic. So I was pretty excited to meet him and even more excited, because he is actually such a nice person. After wrap the production organised for me to go and see the doctor. It was a bit of a trip and I got back in rather late. The doctor prescribed me some magical cough syrup and said that it should help. Apparently it has morphine in it and is well known in Norway. Interesting. I do hope it helps. Otherwise he said I should come back in 2 weeks and get an x ray.

Friday. Another beautiful location and the sunrise. Shame my GoPro was out of battery. We were doing few little scenes so it was not very complicated. My serv pros worked like magic today so I technically had a very good day. On the other had I was feeling like it was a real Friday, when we get a whole weekend off. Sadly it isn’t the case. Production got me my medicine today and after taking few spoonfuls of that special cough syrup I passed out.

Saturday. All day full of exteriors in the port. I woke up feeling sick so at the start of the day I had to keep repeating my desert mantra “i can do this” to push through. Job should not do this. We have a lot of scenes to achieve today so it is also expected to be a long day. Ah yes we also called a full hour earlier this morning. Not really cool. I keep thinking how silly of me it was to think that this will be an easy little job. Things we do for art. But yes it was an insanely beautiful sunrise again and apparently there were Northern lights visible last night. I slept through it all unfortunately. Oh the fun part today was that we got to shoot on a moving boat, so it was a bit like being on those moving trucks in Morocco again. I miss the sun and the warmth and the people. I love big crews and we were so good together.

Sunday. There was a party last night which I attended. Surprise surprise. It was fun, had it all: dancing, romancing, a fight and few slaps across a face, drinks and stories to share the next day. I spent the most chunk of the day in my hotel room and in the evening my Mexican colleagues were preparing Mexican food fiesta, which I attended again. It was super nice and also was a chance to catch up with everyone from the party. Such a weird feeling though to be all together all the time. Somehow when I was in Morocco I did not feel as claustrophobic as I do here. I wonder why.. Ah random thought, but I would love to do a job in Mexico…


  • Death diving. Norwegian extreme sport.
  • Wooden houses which look straight out of fairytale.
  • My new iPad. Workflow got much smoother.

Cheers with a glass full of recovering elephant.