We have goals, aims, ambitions. But what are we prepared to do to get them?

That’s probably the most common question which follows someone’s list of dreams, however, it is also incorrect.

“How badly do you want something?” is a much better question, because… Well, it suggests that even if we are striving for something we want or dream of it is going to hurt. And that is true. It has to hurt, it is going to hurt and it will hurt if we work for it.

In the most simple example, when someone is training their body, because their dream is to loose weight, be a body builder or ect. ect. the aforementioned person will suffer physically: muscles will tear and grow, body will go into fatigue and he or she will probably have to fight different food cravings they might have. So why wouldn’t we expect it when reaching other goals?

How badly do you want something? Are you willing to sacrifice your social life? Are you willing to sacrifice your personal life? Your free time? Your sleep? Your food even? If none of those areas of your life are in ‘’pain’’ it means you don’t want it bad enough. Simple as that. It is ok if you don’t, maybe you need to find something else or maybe you are just not as ambitious and it is completely fine. However it is a choice at the end of a day, which we all have, because if there is a will, there is always a way.

Hard situations are there in your life to challenge you, to see how much you are willing to go through to get what you want. If it was easy, everybody would do it. If it was easy, the reward would not feel as great. You are either prepared to face obstacles or to walk away. All those cliche motivational quotes are true, that’s why they are cliches, it means a lot of people related to them.

Why people are saying that “Apple” is not doing as well without Steve Jobs? Because he is not there to ‘’put obstacles’’ to push and find different, better ways to achieve something (may he rest in peace). The harder the situation the more creative and imaginative the solution has to be. But there is always a solution.

Today I was walking home for 2 hours at 3 in the morning from the night club I work at and realised, I must really badly want to be a script supervisor.

Good night.