“How many guys would I have to sleep with to be considered promiscuous… textbook promiscuous? Ten. Eight. Five. And how many girls would a guy my age have to sleep with to be promiscuous? Ten? Twenty? A hundred and nine?”

It draws a clear difference between the norms women and men were/are subjected to, because sexuality and sexual activity is just one part of life and if the same actions are not deemed normal for both genders in this regard there is still a divide which differentiates what one can and cannot do everywhere else. As if it was said that a man can drink as much milk as he wants, when a woman can have a pint and that is it. When in reality; some people are lactose intolerant, do not like the taste are vegan or maybe the opposite; crave it every day or drink it, because it is healthy.

The truth is that everybody is different and cannot be subjected to what is right and wrong by one standard. The decision to drink that glass of milk or to have sex with that person is an individual and personal choice which should not be judged or encouraged one way or the other. Same as no one can say what the other one should feel.