Tipsy or drunk?

Jenna Marbles who I’ve been following for a really long time did some “drunk” YouTube posts which I find pretty amusing. So in the light of having a bottle of Greek wine with my sister on my birthday holidays (good wine! They do honey wine here, if you like sweet, it is right up your street, as they say, try it)

Anyway so all I have to say really that its good to let loose sometimes.

We were sitting in this restaurant the other day having yet again some wine just chatting away and drinking when we were approached by the animation team who automatically assumed that we are some party girls. Well I guess our 8 empty glasses of wine said more about us than we could possibly do. We laughed and politely declined. I do not feel like a party girl at all. I lived in London and now I feel like I have done all the partying there is to do. My priorities changed. Having an afternoon nap on a bed which feels like a cloud is a way more wilder than any club I could possibly go to. It was just funny to get that assumption from strangers. I guess it is interesting to see others perception of you. Similarly to when I get cast as an office girl for any commercial work I get. (I don’t get a lot of it as I do it just for fun and it is not my priority)

But it is interesting that we see others sometimes well differently from what they really are. Weird! Yet mysterious! Ha Ha, I like mysterious so I do no mind. Count me in for this “party” and now I am off to bed!

Please don’t judge me and share your drunk thoughts.

Love and cheers with wine and an elephant in your glass!