I don’t know how often you do it. But sometimes when I find myself in a fragile state I start looking up people from my past, just to see how they are doing. With social media these days, it’s literally just a click of the button and suddenly you know how all those “I’ll check on you in 6 months time, or a year” turned out to be without ever getting in touch.

Is that healthy? Is that a today’s norm, to stalk someone’s life? Because essentially that’s what it is… Do we do it because we miss the person or there are some untold things.

Personally, I am not proud of it, but maybe because I haven’t found the answers to my questions yet. Why do we care so much about the people who are no longer in our lives or perhaps never even been there? Are we just followers, as the ones you can get on Instagram or Twitter?

I lay here contemplating after my mini stalk session thinking why do I even do it, it doesn’t make me happy. There is no way to block someone out of your life completely even when you try and I do try. So how do you fully move on in today’s modern social media rounded world?

Maybe we just need time, or “Black Mirror” type social media block on all those people we chose to stay away from?

Would love to hear what you think.

Cheers with an elephant in the glass.