So I have spent some time people watching today, it wasn’t intentional. I was sitting at this coffee place playing online chess and trying to read in between the turns and due to the weather being as hot as it is right now, there was a lot of bare skin going around.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for body positivity and expression of your personality through style. Your body is your temple and only you have the right to say what it should look like. But I was looking at these short shorts and wondered why do I not want to wear them.

Is it due to how I feel about my legs? (I haven’t been to the gym in a while) Is it because if I was to run into somebody I work with they will see more of me than I usually show at work? Maybe they would think differently of me after? Perhaps they wouldn’t want to call me for work or maybe they would with slightly different intentions #metoo ? Is it wrong that I don’t like it?

And really it’s not about the shorts, I am just so tired of this never ending obsession with ‘giant asses’. I think healthy human body is beautiful. If you cut yourself, your body makes sure the wound closes and heals without an infection getting through. If you get a cold your immune system automatically reacts to discard it out of your body. Your body is wired in an incredibly intelligent way. When you look after it, it literally glows. Your body is amazing. Do we do it justice just by showcasing it?

I understand the desire, if you worked hard on it you want to show it. But shouldn’t the ‘looking after your body’ part be a norm by now? Would we still feel like showcasing it when everybody else does it too? Or have we reach the point where everybody is showcasing it already? Does everyone who show their ‘bare skin’ feel good about it?

I do not intend to reach any particular point here. All this people watching got me thinking, where all the particular trends come from and who is responsible. Especially as someone who works in a film industry, could it be us?

Well cheers for the questions as without them we could not find the answers. Cheers with the glass full of elephant!