We are officially approaching the final stretch, the home run, the night before Christmas, the last day of school, the notebook goodbye. There is a lot I have learnt on this job, seen for the first time and got to experience. I am so glad I managed to keep up with the diary, just because I know that one day it will be nice to look back at it and probably cringe at some of the things I wrote. For now, I know that the end is coming, but my brain does not seem to realise it yet. I officially have one day off left and then it’s over. The little world we have created will cease to exist and all of us will disperse to our own little planets. At first it will feel that gravity is still holing us together, but really it will take no time at all for us to defy this Newton law. The memory will stay, of course and the beauty of this industry is, that you never know when and where you will run into each other again, maybe in another country few months later, maybe in the same 10 years from now. I am glad I managed to keep up, for I hope it will help me to keep this gravity that much longer.

Sunday. Early travel back to Bangkok. I finished listening to Stephen Hawking “The brief history of time” and preceded to “We should all be feminists”, which I finished in an hour already back in my Bangkok apartment. I had plans for that day, but instead I listened to Rupi “Milk and Honey” for another few hours in a meditative state and then, because I didn’t want this peace and calm to go I switched on the audiobook of “The little Prince”. It was beautiful. I was laying with my headphones completely naked under my clean white sheets and felt like I have no beginning and no end.

Monday. Started with two back to back Pilates classes. A trip to the hospital. I am officially fit to dive and my asthma is perfectly managed. I am like a “normal” person the doctor said. Had an interesting experience getting the chest x-ray. I was told to put nipple trackers! Is that a thing? Never come across that before. After I took a short walk to the Laser clinic were I got some treatment for my legs and because it was taking a while I was listening to Michele Obamas “Becoming” the new book on my audiobook reading list. By that point my day was going all according to the plan, only one thing on my agenda was left to do – to pick up my regulator. Unfortunately that did not go too well. For some magical reason Revolut decided to decline all of my attempts of payment without any solvable solution, so I had to leave without my order. In the evening the local restaurant which has been closed for a while reopened and few of us went for some banging prawns and lush sea bass. I was stuffed by the end of it. Considering that it was my only meal that day I didn’t mind.

Tuesday. Back with my block 2 people. Based in the central Bangkok where we shot already in the past, surrounded by chickens. The chicken family seemed to have expanded as now they had some really tiny chicks following around the big ones. Pretty cute, but also a bit crazy. Keeping live stock in the center of the city is illegal where I come from. The day went well and we went out for food after work. Got stuffed again, such is life, I have no moderation when it comes to eating.

Wednesday. The biggest day continuity wise for me so far as we were trying to match what we shot almost 2 months ago. Crazy and pretty impossible. A lot of questions and trying to mask all the missing extras with clever camera positions. The day was beautiful though. Not too hot, not too cold, the weather is finally just right. I ended up being a bit stressed and after going to bed with my belly full of food was still haunted by my weird dreams of Hugh Hefner on top of everything else what was going on. Evening was pretty relaxed, I was in bed by 8.30 pm.

Thursday. Similar scene sequence as the day before. This time we also had some underwater shots in the pool with divers and Alexa mini in the proper housing. Fun. Gave me the upcoming holiday vibes. Cannot wait. Also makes the already bitter sweet end feel that much sweeter. Evening was pretty uneventful. A bit of food and in bed by 9pm.

Friday. Same location, same sequence of scenes, more action packed though. Some fast paced door kicking. Wore my crew T-shirt today. On semi work related note, everyone have been following UK general election poll results. Nerve wracking, since no one knows what kind of world we will be returning to after this job or in my case, whether I will be even able to return. It was the last day for our 1st AD and we had a work Christmas party / wrap party in the evening. It was a fun night, but pretty strange to be having it before we actually wrapped. We kept going well into the night, with some dancing, shots and obligatory drama as well as funny moments and tinder swipes all complete by an early morning McDonalds by the pool back at our apartments. Safe to say it was a success. 

Saturday. I finally slept in until almost 1 pm, went to my pilates class and set off on the journey all around Bangkok picking up various bits and pieces for Indonesia. First stop was the Aquamaster Bangkok, where I had my new regulator ordered. The store was actually meant to close at 4pm, but the lovely man waited for me to arrive and stayed open later just for me. What a service really. Big love for him. Will definitely be back! After that the trip to the tech mall was on my to do list as I was planing to purchase a GoPro. It all went smoothly too, again, service was super nice. So blessed. Final stop was the fourth element store which was also supposed to close at 7pm, but stayed open until 8pm, just for me. The owner of the shop was extremely helpful, helped my taxi driver to find the way to the store and met me just as I stepped out of the car, so I wouldn’t get lost. I mean today was pretty amazing and all those people who went out of their way for me made it possible. Sending all of the good vibes to them! As I arrived back from my shopping trip I quickly dropped by the local bar were our crew was saying the final goodbyes to the 1st AD, one coconut and few emotional hugs later here I am. My week 11 complete and as excited as I am to start my holiday and wrap this job I almost feel that I do not want this to end.

Stuff I found interesting:

  • Got few presents this week. The crew t-shirt from the production and Thai amulet for protection from the art department. People are so nice.
  • One of the fun moments this week was when the guys were setting up for the shot during lunch around where I was laying on this deck chair without even realising that I was in the way.  They picked up the deck chair with me on it and carried it out of the way. Felt like a princess. All the little moments make my day.
  • Aquamaster Bangkok – for all things aqualung and Fourth Element Bangkok – for all things fourth element (and another brand, which I can’t quite remember what it is, but will update it here when I double check it, they are opening in the same store in few days) Big praise and love really. They could not have prepared me better for my first solo dive venture. Grateful!
  • Funny book props on set today. 
  • Michelle Obamas book! Such an interesting, easy and inspiring read/listen. 
  • Election results. Maybe less interesting and more sad.
  • Christmas everywhere! Really starting to feel the festive mood!

Cheers with the glass full of plastic free ocean love elephant!