Coincidently the last day of the year also marks the end of my first week in Indonesia. I wish I could say that I feel that much wiser, stronger and what not compared to the beginning of the year, but then again, this post is not about my year, but about my last week of 2019. Here it goes.

Sunday, Monday. My last days in Bangkok: picking up last bits and bobs, packing my life once again (this time into 2 suitcases) and generally wrapping up before the flight. All done in some manic half asleep rush. The last month of the job was really intense and somehow even if the end felt like a welcome change, I was feeling sad, confused and longing for Christmas in the cold Europe (like really??) On Monday my boyfriend, whom I have not seen for the last 2 months came to Bangkok to help me with my suitcases and set off on this new adventure together. On Monday night we officially crossed over to the Southern Hemisphere. First time for me.

Tuesday. Around 1 am we landed in Denpasar airport in Bali. I kept saying that I will believe that I am finally free once I am on the beach. The beach however was a little while away still. We took a taxi to the harbour town (I should really check what it is called, but I was so exhausted of everything I let my boyfriend deal with all the logistics and he did that beautifully) and spend the night in one of the local hotels (again, not even the slightest idea of what it was called) In the morning we got on the super crowded boat to the Gili Trawangan Island. I have researched the island back in June when I was on a different job dreaming of diving and being as far away from the civilisation as possible. Well the island did not disappoint. It is a bit more developed than I thought, but all those resorts or restaurants/ bars seemed pretty empty and mind you we were coming up to Christmas and New Year period. There is zero motorised transport on the island as it is pretty small, but they do have horse driven carriages as an alternative for those less able to walk longer distances or loaded with suitcases as I was. My heart cried along side my vegan boyfriends when we took off with all our luggage to the other side of the island. The place I picked out almost a month prior when I was still in the heat of work and did not think that I will need that much comfort as I usually don’t. Well the place itself wasn’t bad or anything, the staff was super friendly and all, but perhaps if I would have chosen the place now, I would have gone for some “laying on the comfy deck chair by the pool type of place”.  Anyway. On our first day we just wondered around the island, discovered the food night market which was lovely and helped us eat together with minimal stress due to our completely different diets.

Wednesday. We have done some more strolling around the island and literally saw the sky melt with the sea into 50 shades of blue. It was pretty magical. Also my second tropical Christmas. We had some cocktails by the beach and tried one of the shroom juice options available. (It’s literally everywhere you go, pretty crazy) Nothing extraordinary happened, but a nice relaxed night really.

Thursday. We watched the sunset on the correct side of the island (Finally!) It was beautiful. I am pretty sure we also made it to one of the outdoor cinemas they have on Gili T in what we nick named a “Hollywood district”. The new Aladin was ok and I know few people who worked on it, but the new Baywatch which followed after was something else. I think it falls in the same category with Sharknado for me. 

Friday. Went to the dive school for the chat about the dive-master. Everyone seemed very lovely and got me even more excited about starting it. Also went for the first surfing lesson. Fun and all, but I realised that this is not the type of activity I could do everyday, although the physical aspect in terms of work out was great. I am still healing up my bruises though.

Saturday, Sunday was a bit of a blur followed by another “Rock” movie, which I think is becoming a thing.

Monday. We finally island hopped to the near by island – Gili Meno. Spend a very relaxing day by the beach at the “Sunset Beach Bungalow” place. The island is definitely quieter and less developed than Gili T. I finally used a bit of a go pro I specifically got for those travels.

Tuesday. So it brings us to today. Which we began by traveling to another island – Gili Air. We will spend the New Years here and I will write about it next week. Not sure yet how it will play out.

For now it brings me a full circle I feel. It has been pretty eventful week and I feel like I aged significantly in the space of those 7 days. As I said, I wish I was closing 2019 older and wiser, not just older, but I guess such is life and maybe I didn’t do all that bad after all. I feel 2019 post coming… But,

Happy New 2020 year everyone!

And Cheers with the glass full of festive elephant!


  • Circle K petrol station! As stupid as it can sound, but it just reminded me of home. It’s like the place to go to for coffee and a hotdog when you go on a road trip back home. Surprised to see those petrol stations here!
  • On Gili Meno it looked like the local guys were “hand making” the new addition to the port? Weird, also how are they not hot with long sleeves! We were literally raining sweat.