Today I am coming in from a different location within the hotel. Change of scenery was what I needed. So I am now at the bar/ pool table area sitting in the comfiest cigar chair writing. Feels good.

This week was mainly full of night shoots and go pro is not great for low light photography, so not that many images from me this week.

Overall I am glad that I am alive as doing these hours in these conditions is borderline illegal. I dream of Swedish hours. If one day our industry make that turn I will jump for joy. For now I will keep it brief as I wrote a lot during the week.

Hope all of you are well, healthy and loved.


Monday. We did so called split day today. Which meant starting at 11 am and wrapping at 9pm. Well starting at the hottest part of the day was something let me tell you. First of all we were set to complete this massive scene where one of our heroes dies by being shot at by an airplane. It took a while to set all the explosives up and rig all his injuries, also there was some pre dying dialogue. It would not have felt that difficult if it wasn’t 40 degrees Celsius heat. That felt like the atmosphere was just pressing you down to the ground, I was so so slow I thought I’ll just pass out there and then, but, once the sun started to set and the temperature started to drop magic happened. As if the weighted blanket has been lifted off my head I felt alive again, it was one of the best feelings ever. I was happy and fresh all of the sudden. We managed to finish the last scene of the day on time as well, which added to the fun of it all. Back at the hotel we stayed up late with some of the colleagues, just because as of tomorrow we will be filming nights and had to try and change our sleeping patters. I am excited for the nights!

Tuesday. First night shoot in Morocco. As any night shoots the first time you do it is a bit tough. We had an enormous day though. Literally 6 scenes shot together as this one big action explosion sequence. It is a good interesting scene and it kept me busy with all the cameras being dotted around. The night ended with a massive explosion, not sure it was intended to be that big, I was pretty far away, but got covered in light. Crazy.

Wednesday. I passed out as soon as I got home. Not a great look. It was our last day with most of the French and German cast. So sad to see them go, also our camera operator is leaving on the same flight. A lot of changes from now on. I had a weird dream of a golden lions head being submerged into tarmac. There was more to that dream, but this was a rather unusual part. The rest is just different versions showing that I am tired. Ah by the way, remember that big fantasy gig, so they have found somebody else it seems, so I am not too bothered to go back to work straight away. Also our stay in Morocco got officially extended by a week. 

Thursday. So today I turned up on set not knowing what we are going to film, because the schedule had to be changed last minute. One of our actors got a heatstroke I think so was too sick to shoot. So I turned up for the rehearsal, open my script, read thought it and realise that it says that the cast in the scene will be naked? Hmm ok, sometimes scripts are more explicit than what we actually do, however this time it wasn’t. Everyone turned up in their little bathrobes and soon we just had decency socks all around. I mean it was not some magical surprise as I have done scenes like this many times, I think it was the element of surprise which got me. It all went well actually and I am rather impressed how relaxed all the boys were. GO guys!

Friday. Beautiful location in the middle of the desert with a lion king style ridge at the top of the hill. We were doing another action sequence, so once again, I was more of a logger than script supervisor. I can take it sometimes, but this job definitely made me realise that I would much rather do drama than just pure action. Anyway. The day was a success and I now we have a two days off. Well 1.5.

Saturday. I went to bed at 7 am and woke up just after 10. Somehow I was feeling rather energetic after the night and had all those plans in my mind for what I wanted to do with my time off. So when I woke up I organised my laundry and did a stretchy pilates PSM class. That felt great. Then I went to the pool and was hanging out with some of my colleagues, which I haven’t actually talked much last week. Also watched some of them play tennis and went to get a pedicure as I needed my gel nail varnish removed. That ended up being a funny experience as they didn’t realise that this is what I needed to be done, because they don’t actually provide that service due to the lack of foil of all things. Anyway, I ended up removing my own gel nail varnish and filing my nails, while someone braided my hair. Yea.. just go with the flow. In the evening we had a party and it was very nice, I also wore “I made a bit of an effort” dress. It got chilly in the night though for the first time ever here, so I did not stay till the end.

Sunday. I have a bit of a headache after the party last night to be honest. But otherwise I am happy. There is a lot of testosterone all around so now I’m thinking if it can have an impact on female hormones, kinda like women sync up with their periods if they hang out together, can testosterone affect estrogen and female behaviour? Just a thought if anyone knows?


  • Cool temperatures at night. I felt cold for the first time since getting here. Wau.
  • Our film crew family.
  • New colleagues have arrived and some of them left.
  • Morocco. Still grateful that I am here.
  • My mama, she is always there for me.

Cheers with a glass full of testosterone infused elephant.