Week 2 in the Nothern part of Europe has come to an end. It went quick and now that I had the time to go through the photos looked rather gloomy. It wasn’t though. The cast and crew seems pretty friendly and we moved few locations during the week so it didn’t feel monotonous. We are shooting single camera, I have my teradek serv pro for the perfect screen grabs, pix for playback and it seems all the time in the world to file and organise my notes. I am happy. Of course doing indy job like this has its downsides, but in general it is a welcome change after all the tv work I have done. Nice little break.

Now that I feel a bit more comfortable on this job I started thinking about my future plans for work and the flat which I still want to buy. I have this never ending cough which started about 3 weeks ago. It caused me few embarrassing moments on set this week when I had to hold off my cough during takes and had tears rolling down my face while doing so. Crazy. But found out that my mascara is very good, it isn’t waterproof, but tear proof for sure, so that’s something.

Also, I updated my kit this week, went back on track with the keto and according to my Apple Watch I am doing at least an hour of exercise everyday while working. Oh yes and I haven’t skipped my vitamins. Cannot wait to see how my body recovers after Covid and the desert.

Sorry I know I ramble a bit, but jobs like these allow me to feel that I have a life outside work in a way, weird considering that I am in a foreign country in a remote location, but mentally and physically I am not being drained and that’s nice. Norwegians do know something about this industry, just saying.


Monday. Test day shoot. Not often do we get an opportunity to practice and rehears the first day of filming before the actual first day. So yes today was day 0 and it went well. A bit slow, but well. Tomorrow we will be filming in the green house with one of the murder scenes, starting with the bang, literally.

Tuesday. Just got back form the first official shooting day. We started the shoot with splits, which means the call time was at 3pm and wrap at 1am. Norwegian laws are well different than ours, as in my books we wrapped 13 min early, but for them it was half an hour late. Anyway. SO, the day went very well, we finished everything, shots looked beautiful, I am very very impressed by our DOP. His whole team is great actually, very good at what they do and also very nice to hang around with. The director is also lovely, positive, respectful, listens and cares. To me the day went swimmingly, we shot everything single camera and after Morocco where I had 5+ cameras at times it feels like holiday. Actually a lot of things after that job feel like holiday. Ah yes also the cast I had today were fantastic,  the older actor today reminded me a lot of one of the actors I worked in Morocco with, with his voice and certain aspects of how he approached his performance and when we got chatting it turns out that the guy from Morocco and him are good friends. Small world. I love it. If the first day is anything to go by it will be a fun and worth while experience. Oh fun fact apparently this film is meant for sky as well as the theatrical release.

Wednesday. Today was going very well, until lunch came and there was nothing koto friendly apart of green leafs for me to eat. Then The DOP shoved me a bit out of his way and if I wasn’t already hangry, I would have said something, but I wasn’t sure if my judgement was not being clouded by the fact that I haven’t eaten all day with no prospect to eat for the rest of the working day as well. Food is so important you guys. On top of that we had our lead today, who is this Italian superstar, he is lovely yes, but everyone wast talking Italian and the scene he had was very emotional for him, Bla Bla Bla, in the end after we shot the scene and moved on I spotted something what I should have noticed when it happened, but I didn’t, so now I am kicking myself. I know it probably won’t be the end of the world in the edit room, but I was feeling rather disappointed with myself, especially, because I chose not to say it to anyone else as it would have not changed anything. Basically living with a secret and starving by this point. The day took a turn for the better when the sandwiches arrived and I ate the filling out of them without the bread. All of the sudden I didn’t care about the hat no hat “mistake” and was happy again. Moral of the story. EAT!

Thursday. In bed now after another split day. I am so confused about our working hours.. we started the same time as yesterday and wrapped 1.5 hours later with no overtime for the UK or Italian crew, just the Norwegians. They’ve got it good. So I got food today, not fantastically well, but something. The day was busy, but very successful, also our director had a birthday, apparently he turned 50, but my goodness he looks so young, would have never thought. One of the lovely actors has wrapped today on the job, such a shame, he was great to chat to. Our lead had a big scene today and he is good! Also a nice person. Let’s see how it goes, but so far so good.

Friday. It’s way passed my bedtime. I spent all the free time after work setting up my new iPad for work. Cannot believe I finally got an upgrade, I was really pushing my luck, because I think my old iPad is about 6 years old. I bought it of my bar earned money before going to work to Lithuania on my second paid job ever. Crazy, now it has been not just to Lithuania, but various beautiful places in the UK, Thailand beaches, jungles and locations of questionable purpose, Moroccan desert, surf towns , film villages with huge film sets, Ukrainian capital twice, once just after the Maidan, the other time when the forest of Prypriat was burning, Latvian film village and various swamps, Bulgarian studios, Dutch houses of parliament, Norwegian fjords. I feel a bit sentimental, it’s like starting a new era. 

Saturday. The day went pretty quick. I am still so confused by our working hours, but oh well, I don’t question it anymore. We were on the same pier as yesterday, but it was less cloudy and actually pretty warm. First day working with my new iPad and I realised that I should have upgraded a while ago, as now everything works so much faster and the battery lasts forever. So happy. In the evening, I had a few drinks with my colleagues and passed out in bed before 11pm. Wild. I know there was a party going till early hours of the morning again, but nah.. Strangely I started thinking about my next job. I know this one has just started, but I am kinda eager to know what’s next.

Sunday. It is a noon on Sunday and I a tired. Woke up early today and went for breakfast. Norwegian choice of food is so right up my street as they say. Fish and cheese and variations on eggs. So so nice. Wish catering on set was the same. Apparently in Norway you don’t get options of food for lunch, there is just one meal for all and that is it. Since the chef is Italian, all we normally get is pasta. I cant eat pasta, so I am pretty much on a diet when working, as there isn’t much else for me to eat. That’s a shame.


  • Norwegian nature.
  • Wooden houses!
  • Our mega diverse crew.
  • New iPad.
  • Oh yes not really a highlight, but remember the flat I picked and wanted to buy, so after trying few different banks to find the perfect mortgage I was told that because I earn in pounds and not euros (which is not always true, depends on the company) I don’t even qualify for the mortgage. Makes no sense as I pay tax and all, but fine. I took it as a sign that I need a smaller, aka more affordable flat.

Cheers with a glass full of Norwegian elephant!