Most of us think that whatever is published online is automatically credible and whoever has published something, definitely knows a lot about the thing they are talking.

However, I dare to believe that most people are not actually experts in anything and that is completely fine. To develop a certain hobby, interest or skill you need to devote a lot of time preferably from when you are a child, so by your mid twenties you could say: “well I definitely know my stuff”, in this or that.

Also how is one to know exactly what they like and what hobby they shall pursue? It is all about trying different things in the end.

I have no special talents or remarkable skills. I am an enthusiast, because in reality I just like so many different things, there are not enough  hours in a week to fit everything I would like to do or try. Yes, I constantly get interested in something new. And that is only now, when I am approaching my mid twenties I learnt to understand that it is ok not to know exactly what you want, as long as you are looking for it.

‘’It is not the destination, but the journey, that counts.”

Let it be my attempt to keep a coherent track and give my non expert opinion on all those things I get sparks in my eyes for.

Cheers for an elephant in a glass.