Donating blood is something I do on a regular basis and like to encourage others to do as well.

There is no substitute to human blood when life saving transfusions, treatments or operations are needed. So only by donating blood we can ensure that whoever needs it will receive it.

Although some blood types are more common than others, the rarest blood group is the one, not on a shelf when it is needed by a patient, That’s why every one of us is important and vital to maintain the blood supplies.

There is no reasonable excuse why a healthy, eligible to donate person would not do it. If you can live on your blood, chances are someone else could too.

Ok, enough of that.

Probably the most fascinating thing for me personally in regards to our blood, is that, no matter where you or I can come from, we can still share the same blood type and save each others lives if it is needed. Blood does not differentiate people by where they come from, their cultural differences or similarities.

I tend to see my blood as something what connects me with other people who have the same blood type, sort of like brothers and sisters. I have met only few people who share the same blood type as me, but I find it fascinating that each of those people came from a different country in the world.

Of course I understand that some blood types are more common and more people share it, but it only means that you have a larger extended family who might need your help or who could help you if you are in need. Besides all blood types originally came from the very first one, blood type O, which later developed into A, B and the latest one – AB. So in the essence we are all blood relatives.

I also see blood as our liquid DNA which we can touch and feel. It can say a lot about our ancestors and their history. It is a bit off the topic, but I recently became very interested in living and eating according to my blood type, so it adds to my interest in blood as well as raising importance of blood donation.

Cheers with an elephant in a glass.