One year ago today I had a surgery to remove a benign tumour from my lower back. It was supposed to be a ‘quick job’ and I was planing to get back to my life asap.

The surgery went well, because they managed to remove it all, but it was not as easy as they planed. I woke up to my surgeons voice telling me that I surprised him. He put his hands together as if holding a melon and said that my tumour was all over my lower back not just in one place and it was in fact the size of a melon not a tennis ball.

Deep down I knew it, you sort of know your body that way I guess, I never expected the surgery to go easy, I was waiting for them to open it up and see for themselves rather than to try and prove anything at MRI scans.

I was discharged with a drain on the same day, because they did not book a bed for me. Sometimes I wonder if I was born in this country or had anyone at all with me while dealing with it would I’ve been looked after dear I say better?

I want to take this time on an eve of Valentine’s Day to say how grateful I am for my body and health. I think it is so important to love, cherish and look after yourself first. Not because it will attract someone who will appreciate you, but because you are the first person in this world who deserves your love and respect. Your body is a fantastic self healing machine which just works even if we might be sometimes abusing it. Your heart beats, your lungs breath, your mind keeps you alive. Human body is truly magical! Love it, appreciate what you have.

I do. Especially today.

Not because I am reminded by the anniversary of my surgery, but because on this day everyone seems too concentrated on being with someone, loving someone or pretending they do not care and do not stop to admire how amazing and lucky they already are.