So in the eve of turning 27 I decided that it is finally time to start sharing my non expert opinion again. Enough contemplating, time for “adulting”.

SO. Let’s talk about Birthdays.

I can’t remember when I stopped caring about turning one year older. Probably after I turned 19 and legal for most things. I also moved to London (or what I felt like an ageless city) and started living all on my own. Good times, but it lead me to take pride in a fact that I do not wish to celebrate another year. I know so many people who do just the same. Not sure, maybe I copied them or as they say “you are an average of five people you spend the most time with” and it was all mathematics…

However, now, when I am slowly but surely approaching my 30s I suddenly feel as strongly about celebrating your birth as I feel about donating your blood. I think it is so important to be thankful for your life and your family or creator or whoever you might believe in and celebrating the day you were born is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Let’s be honest, I am sure a lot of us had different birthdays in our lifetimes, where being thankful for another year was not really on our minds. (And that’s just a nice way of putting it)

So what’s the secret, you ask me? (I wish someone would have asked me, but I’ll pretend they did, for now)

Have your birthday always in a different place. It can be a different country, a city, a work place, but I think the key here is that it has to be different every year. This way you will always remember it and hopefully it will help you appreciate it even more, because you will start it with fresh new memories.

It’s a sort of new practice for me, but when I started tracking down all of my birthdays, there are only few of my 20s and maybe most of my teens which I do not remember that well. (For the reasons which do not involve alcohol I may add) Hopefully by the time I am an old happy lady I will have more of my birthdays which I remember, than those which I do not.

So happy Birthday to you all today and extra happy to all of us who share 28th of September!