Everyone has probably heard this little story / joke about a man praying to God to win a lottery, just after n years for the God to ask: “when will you buy the ticket?”

So, the other day my mom brought me flowers as a late birthday present. A beautiful red rose bouquet. I don’t receive flowers very often, I think I could probably count on one (ok, maybe two) hands all the times when I ever received flowers and who gave them to me. (my mom yet again being a number one here) So as most of the people in similar situation (I imagine), I was completely unprepared since I do not own a single vase.

Ok, this dramatic story does not finish with me make-shifting a vase out of an empty water bottle. It is about being prepared for what you want or would not mind happening. For example:

– I am not a big fan of cleaning my apartment (I like it clean, I just have to find motivation to do it every time), but I like having my friends or family over, so it becomes my motivation. In order to have people over, planned or unplanned, my flat has to be people friendly. When it is, I tend to get spontaneous guests more often.
– Being prepared for the job you want. I want to work more on bigger Hollywood film productions, so I purchased ScriptE (which is script supervising software popular in aforementioned projects) and I started learning it. So I prepare myself for the time they do come my way and I can apply.
– Putting yourself out there. In order to meet new people or experience new things you have to visit places you haven’t been to before and talk to people you haven’t talked to before. It is pretty straight forward, but so easily overlooked as we automatically think that we have seen and done it all. I want to be in a bikini on a beach doing yoga with my feet in a sand this winter. So I try and practice yoga at home.
– Learning how to receive and accept. It’s obvious that if someone does something nice to you, you say thank you or someway else show your gratitude. So what about being thankful in advance? If I know that my sister is going to drop by the shop and pick up a cake for our mom, which I cannot do because I am busy at work, I am thanking her in advance for doing it, even though it is not done yet. There are examples in life when if you are not being grateful in advance you might not get the cake, (in my case, I am sure my sister would have gotten the cake regardless of me being grateful or not, because it was for our mom), but no one is obligated to do anything for you, they do it because they are nice and you should be grateful.
– Surrounding yourself with things or people which inspire you. For me it is one of the most important things. I strongly believe that if my environment does not match how I want to feel (I ultimately want to feel happy, loved and loving, inspired, energetic and motivated) I don’t want to be in it. I want to feel lucky, because I think that I am, so my fridge is covered with magnets I get from my travels as well as scratch cards which already won something. I want to feel love so I don’t go where I am not invited, I don’t chase or lead someone on, because it’s not fair and love should be. (Aww.. I know)

All in all, get yourself a vase if you want to be getting flowers.

Cheers with an elephant in a glass!