“Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter” – African Proverb

I like this quote so much.

It goes hand in hand with Walter Benjamins: “History is written by the victors”.

My family is sort of politically divided. I do not want to go there with this post, but I think that in a world we live in now, documenting and sharing story or a side of t it, regardless of how minor you might feel, it is the best tool we have to create a more rounded picture which can help form a better opinion on certain things.

I keep telling everybody that they need to start writing and telling their stories, I strongly believe that and then I find myself sitting and staring at the blank page.

500 words a day I keep telling myself, but then there are these days, like today, where I need to find that extra motivation.

I usually work on film sets as a script supervisor. It is a demanding position in it self let alone 12h+ working days in all sorts of weather conditions for a lengthy period of time. So last weekend I wrapped a film after about 2 months of commitment and thought OK now I will finally have time for some writing.

Well it is not easy to come back to the real world. To the reality that you are all alone at home with no one to push you out of bed or encourage you to do something so once again I find myself on a film set, however this time as a guest (fancy way of saying that I agreed to be a background extra). I thought it would be a great place to motivate me to work on my script as this sort of gig involves a lot of waiting around.

So I am sitting here and the only writing I feel like doing is pouring my heart out on this blog.

It is nice to be in the familiar environment, but I feel like maybe I am deliberately trying to avoid the “real” world, because it does not feel familiar to me anymore.

I love my job, my career and being surrounded by all those different people and characters I get to see here everyday, but I need to find the balance.

I wrote that and thought “do I?” Is it wrong that I enjoy working and being busy?

I have no non expert opinion here, because at this point I have not yet found an answer how to level out those dolly tracks that is my life right now.

Here is for the glass full of elephant!