Dreams as in goals, aims and ambitions.

If you want to see your dreams come true you have to know/ remember what they are.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life and simply forget what you are doing certain things for. Stop for a moment and recount all your dreams and goals.

I like to keep a list of things I would like to achieve or do. I find that the more often I re-read it the quicker I tend to cross certain things off of it.

Today I applied for a visa to go to China. I am supposed to fly out this Friday and it will be the beginning of my new adventure for this winter. If all goes well I will cross off one of the dreams I had on my list for a while – Christmas and New Years on a sunny happy beach.

Honestly two years ago, when I first wrote it on my list, it seemed like such an unreachable thing I put there just for fun of it. Even now, when I have all the flights and tickets it still feels pretty unbelievable. It am incredibly grateful for my life right now and I wish this feeling on everybody.

For the joy! For the glass full of elephant!