Not long ago I have written a post about the importance of having dreams and plans.

But what about telling other people about them?

One of the things that my Instagram keeps popping up for me is a variation of a motivational quote which usually goes in the lines of “do not share your plans if you want to succeed” (I know, quite blunt and not really motivational in my opinion)

So what about it?

A while back, before I ever got my first job on a film I had my first ever interview for it. I worked in two nightclubs on the same weekend, so I could be free during a week in case a film related work popped up. When it did and as it does, it fell on a Friday just before I had to start my shift at a first night club, so naturally I had to tell my manager there that I will be late. As I was pretty close with everyone I worked with at the club, they knew that filmmaking is something I have been trying to purse for a while and were supportive. However even though I knew I had to tell people at work what was going on in the back of my mind I had this growing feeling, that, well “now I have told them so it won’t work out”

I am sure a lot of people also feel this way, but right then I saw that interview as my lucky break and I refused to lose before I even got to the interview. I used my “not thinking about it” technique I mentioned in this blog before and just switched off.

I would not say that the interview was magical and I was perfect, of course not. Maybe they were just desperate and I was new and eager, but I did get the job and I was super grateful. Obviously I was very happy too, but what made it extra special, was when I saw all those people at work who shared my happiness and the success seemed ten times greater and I felt even better for having that moment with them.

Fast forward to this summer. I decided that I wanted to study for my masters in LA and although I was still a bit hesitant, because of a number of obstacles which can arise (money, funding, being accepted, etc. etc.) I told few people about it. I thought, “well wouldn’t it be nice if I did get to go and study there and everyone I have told about it would be happy with me too, like last time”. Then this whole Weinstein thing happened, I started reconsidering whether I even wanted to go there or am I just looking for an excuse, because I feel like I won’t make it this time. For a while I was doubtful, until this morning when a friend of mine who I shared my LA plans with asked whether I was still going. I literally gave her a list of excuses why I thought I should post pone and suddenly I realized that those were just excuses growing out of fear, nothing else and the path suddenly lit up again.

If you are with me this long let me conclude that now I strongly believe that sharing your important goals with friends or family multiplies your happiness not only when things go right, but those people can also pick you when you stumble. (Tried and Tested)

Cheers for the glass full of elephant and dreams which turn into plans and into reality!