I know I know how it sounds. Tinder does have its reputation.

But traveling and tinder is something else. (At least that’s how I feel and have experienced so far)

I have swore off dating for as long as the script I am writing is not finished (hopefully by then I stop remembering my every failed relationship as well) and basically be ready. So this is not the reason why I even downloaded the app in the first place.

I am currently in Shanghai and going off to Thailand for a few months of volunteering, traveling and writing. So anyway, what I am on about?

Well I have gone on a two different Tinder meet ups while I am here and different is the perfect way to describe it. This post is not about those guys per se, but more about the beauty of life, diversity and something new I got to rediscover.

– The beauty of life is: You can meet a complete stranger, have a great conversation, actually find him/her interesting and leave feeling inspired, knowing that you might never see each other again. (I know I know if you really find someone that interesting you can make the friendship work, but I’m being realistic here, logistics speak for itself. I walked the Camino in Spain, I feel like some people I’ve met there will forever be in my memory and heart, but I don’t know whether I will see some of them again, even though at that particular journey we shared the connection)

– Diversity: Realizing that there are just SO many different people out there: gym addicts and those who only lift pints, outdoor enthusiasts and stay at home type, models and business men/ women, travellers and those who don’t even own a passport, soul searchers and those who know it all, perverts and the religious, junk food lovers and the healthy / vegans. (And that’s just from Tinder) In general as cliche as it is, but travelling and meeting people along the way really does open the perspective. There is definitely someone for everybody, that’s just a plain fact.

– Something new I rediscovered: My genuine interest in people, no matter how different we might be. Also because of that I feel like sometimes I become this invisible “link” between those different groups of people who will probably never be in the same room together let alone forge friendships and I feel so privileged. It sort of is like being a part of a food chain (as weird as it sounds) but suddenly you realize how small you are in the grand scale of things and that’s GOOD!

For the new friends and glass of elephant in it!