What are the rules when it comes down to fashion?

Did you know that big international chains like H&M supply slightly different styles according to their geographical location and trends there at the moment? So what you can find in H&M in China won’t necessarily be in store in Europe.

So who creates the rules? People who buy or people who supply?

Let me just add that I strongly believe that “fast fashion” should not be encouraged and I personally prefer wearing something with love for a very long time rather than constantly buying something new relatively cheap and as a result of poorer quality both morally and physically.

So do we really fill our closets with stuff we sometimes wear just once, because it makes us happy?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fashion, I thinks it’s an art form. You either have a good eye for detail and what works with what, or you don’t. Same as painters with colours, photographers with expositions, filmmakers with visual story telling and writers creating immersive worlds. But as I wouldn’t do my work on a torrented program, I don’t think painters should use cheap and unethical supplies for their art, same as fashion should not be faster than the life span of the people who make it for us.

Raise questions, forget the rules, find what makes you truly happy and not just wear it, but love it and live it.

Cheers with the glass full of elephant!