Tonight I go to sleep feeling grateful, even though apart from being abroad and about to embark on another rigorous plane journey, I have not done much with my day today.

I find that in the days like these, it’s important to appreciate the fact that I had this day, first and foremost to be alive and not blaming myself for the lack of contribution to society.

I’m a perfectionist, I strive for perfection in my life whatever it is I am doing. However I also know that perfection is unachievable, because everything always can be at least a little bit better.

This is where I find the drive and joy in my life though. I enjoy the ride, same as I love the night before any exciting event I have going on the next day. I love the feeling of excitement building up and as long as I am that bit better today than I was yesterday I’m on the road.

I don’t have my final destination, because once I reach one goal I will have another one lined up and I will always live in that state of excitement knowing that every day I’m one step closer.

Here is for the ride! And for the glass full of elephant!