Today I am faced with a decision. It’s not an immediate choice I have to make, but non the less it is a complicated one.

If you had to choose between two supposedly equally good things. How do you know what to choose? Making a pros and cons list?

I’m not a great believer in star signs as we are so much more than our date of birth, but I sure think that it influences us in one way or another. So I am libra and finding balance for me is as important as it is hard.

In my today’s contemplations I remembered writing a blog post about it last time I was faced with a decision. I never published it and forgot about it till today.

So here it is:

There is no right or wrong when it comes to making an important decision. There will always be things in favour or against of one or the other.

“When in doubt, do it. You can always regret it after”. Paulo Coelho

Someone once told me that feeling fear before starting something new shows them that whatever they are about to do is going to challenge and help them grow, hence it is a right path.

You can choose to walk on a pavement or on a patch of grass and it will take you somewhere. Not necessarily the same place or in a same way, but the destination is inevitable.

And now I feel like I should listen to my own advice. Thank you me 2 years ago.

Cheers for our own advises and a glass full of elephant!