So I have this “bottle of coke” theory about love. Technically it could be any other type of beverage you enjoy, but when I came up with it I was working on a film set and there is always a lot of coke going around to keep us sweet and focused.

The theory says that love is like a bottle of coke. The bottle is full only when the love is mutual and fulfilling and it remains full as long as the love doesn’t change.

Some people live their whole lives sharing the bottle of coke which was never full to begin with and they are content with that, maybe even happy.

But the way I believe, I think that we can only see our real capacity of love when we share the full bottle of coke with somebody. Only then do we get to feel and act to our full potential.

What is more though, I think that we all have slightly different capacities for love and its not only the matter of finding the “right” person, but also finding someone who shares the same capacity for love as you do. For example, the love you share with somebody can be a half full bottle of coke and it can be beautiful, especially at the beginning, but that same person will be a full bottle to somebody else and it can be magical.

I hope it makes sense to you. And cheers for finding a full bottle of coke and the glass full of elephant!