I spent over a month in Koh Phangan and just a few days on the Phi Phi island of Thailand. It is said to be an idilic paradise with beautiful beaches and scenery, the place where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed “The Beach”. It is definitely all that, BUT.

A wise man once said that everything what comes before word ‘but’ doesn’t count and another wise man said that even if you love a kitty, don’t hug it too tight as you will strangle it.

What does it have to do with Phi Phi?

Well in my opinion, it is a perfect example of what is wrong with the world. It’s an example of how we as ‘developed’ human beings can take something so beautiful and pure and completely commercialise it, not even just strangling the metaphorical kitty, but killing it completely.

I visited the “Maya beach” where DiCaprio film was shot and obviously it was once a quiet paradise, where you could forget all the troubles of the world. Now, the beach is covered with non stop rotating boats bringing tourists and cramping them on this short stretch of sand. There is a designated area where you can step into the water and have a bit of a swim in the hopes of forgetting what’s behind you. If you can tune off the noise of the ever growing crowd on the beach you might even succeed, however you are back to the horrific reality of our consumerism driven world once you turn around.

I’m sitting on a boat travelling to Phuket, leaving Koh Phi Phi behind me and can’t stop wondering. Was it worth monetising the paradise? Are the money really worth turning this idilic island into the smelling commercial sewage that it is now? Who is responsible ? Can we fix it? Would they want us to?

Here is for reality check and for the glass full of elephant!