Can you tell I like Game of Thrones?

Anyway so in my previous post about manipulation and motivation I wrote a paragraph about the conversation which I played out in my head and what I would say if I was given the second chance with that person.

So as it turned out I was given my second chance. (What were the odds?)

I just came out of the meeting and felt like I really just wanted to say thank you and send a big gulp of love into the universe. This – felt like the quickest way to do it as now I feel super hyped up. So THANK YOU!

To be honest I do not even know whether I am now on board or no, but just knowing that I had an opportunity to be myself and not to be judged solely from what I might have seemed from behind the screen that day and to be there in a flesh and actually have a human conversation, feels really good to me.

It puts so many things in perspective, how maybe sometimes we are too quick to judge and too fast to assume or give up on yourself or somebody else.

Anyway I will keep it short and sweet this time. Sending all the love and positive vibes out there for you all. Stay motivated and feel the love !

Cheers for the glass full of elephant everyday for everyone.