So on 28th I have arrived from London to Bangkok, 6 hours into the future. Had a few hours of sleep on the plane, nothing major. While settling into my apartment accidentally fell asleep at around 4 pm and woke up about 2 hours later. Cue in jet lag insomnia (is that even a thing? Will google that later) 

Night 1. (28 to 29)

To be honest I didn’t even try to sleep earlier, stayed up until 3 am or so, blaming my nap for inability to sleep. I never really have troubles falling asleep or sleeping for that matter. 9 am comes and I struggled to wake up, just because I had to, I forced myself to be ready to leave at 9.30am. Spent the day doing a bit of work stuff and shopping. Got home at around 4 pm and once again accidentally napped for an hour. What harm could that do right? Yea – WRONG!

Night 2. (29 to 30)

I watched my bf pass out on our FaceTime call. It usually gets me too, watching him falling asleep, but I though ok, probably my nap made me too energised to join him. So I scrolled and scrolled and researched local pilates studios and different food ordering platforms and taxi apps. All the useful stuff, no doubt, but come on the bright iPhone screen why does your blinding light not work on me now? Around 2/3am once again I somehow managed to sleep, which mind you was far from the peaceful baby nighty night, I normally get. Anyway once again I barely managed to wake up at 9am.. Had to start work, so no lay ins here, besides thought ok, being tired in the morning will help me to get an early night… Well, no, being tired in the morning made me accidentally nap again. At the same time, like a clock really. No problem to fall asleep what so ever. I’d even say, I tried to fight falling asleep, but it just took me away as if someone literally hit me in the head… 

Night 3. (30 to 1)

So here comes the night I was dreading already. I decided to really go for it, made myself few alcoholic cocktails, got the bf on FaceTime sleeping call, I mean everything was going well. Up until I got drunk, he fell asleep and all of the sudden I am laying in bed eyes wide operand drunk though running through my head. Yea.. Great.. I spent the night writing drunkest and weirdest stuff I though would be a great idea to publish here (thank goodness I didn’t) and when I eventually sobered up a bit at about 2 am I decided to call in the big guns and put some David Attenborough ‘Our planet’ on (actually surprisingly Thai Netflix has such a small nature documentary collection it shocked me, really) Anyway, so even Davids voice didn’t lull me away. I think I was half way into dolphin hunting techniques when I decided to switch all the lights (I normally sleep with a night lamp on as Im not fond of darkness) make the room perfect cool sleeping temperature and just listen to the sounds of nature coming from my laptop. To be fair that was the best sleep I had so far. I let myself sleep until 10 and felt like a winner. Until..tonight of course.

Night 4. (1 to 2)

So I had a pretty eventful day, in comparison to the other days that is. First of all, I spent the whole day in the office working, so I did not take my usual accidental nap, I also went outside for the lunch run and had a half an hour swim after work, followed by a shower and a long FaceTime, ‘lets fall asleep together’ chat. I set up my sleep cycle with the sleep aid of crashing waves and thought well, it’s got to be it. AHA.. it’s almost 2 am here now and I do feel a bit tired, so I guess my usual sleeping pattern will simply kick in, but man I am tired of trying to fall asleep! Is that what it’s like getting old(RE)? Should I even bother, maybe there are better uses of my time than sleeping? Maybe all of a sudden I just need less sleep? Or, please give me some ideas what more I could possibly do to get over this jet lag insomnia.

Current status: watching a lightning storm from my 16th floor tower. It’s beautiful and in any other circumstances I would be snoring with my face in the pillow, not writing this…

So yea, I need help.

Cheers for the full night of peaceful sleep with the glass full of elephant.