Well let me start by saying that I am a little proud for managing to keep this diary up for the whole month so far and grateful that every week I realize that I have something new to write about. Let’s begin.

Week 6 came with its challenges. First of all we had 6 scheduled shooting days instead of 5, to help us catch up with all the time we lost while standing down. Also we shot everything in the same location, beautiful remote Thai house, purposefully built for filming, as I was told. However the location being outside Bangkok meant almost 2 hours travel one way. So on top of our 11 hour shooting days we had almost 4 hours of travel. Also, one of the actors managed to fall off a waterfall on his day off over the weekend so we had to put him in costumes which would help to disguise bandages and bruises on his arms. What is happening with all those injuries??

Sunday, I was all happy and relaxed after the fun weekend with the bf, until I realized that all the work I neglected to attend to, because of it, I had to do first thing in the morning. As first days of the week go it was pretty hectic and hot and language barrier was not helping to sort things out quick. However even as I write this now, I really cannot recall anything specific, which at that moment seemed so stressful. Glad that I don’t tend to hold on to bad memories for too long. After 2 hours drive home from work in the evening I only managed a little catch up on a phone with my mom, shower and sleep. The glorious life of a film professional.

Monday, another long day, another challenges in the heat. We shot some actual bullets, waited for the night to come to film an “epic” dolly shot and completed the day 1 minute after wrap, still owing one insert. Not fully satisfied. On my way home I saw an article that IMDB finally created a separate category for script supervisors. We have been fighting for it for years and it finally happened. Made my day. After a surprisingly fast ride home this time (just one hour), I did laundry when I got back, washed my hair and called my bf. That’s like super productive. 

On Tuesday it started to seem like a every day we do the same thing. The body and mind started to take a toll of long days and short hours of sleep. The highlight of the day was the moment when director decided that he wanted an insect to crawl next to the sleeping actors head in the shot. It was hilarious to watch practically every crew member squatting around various bushes trying to find a variety of different insects. An ant and the butterfly made a selected few. The ant was so eager to leave the frame it ran away the second it was let out once the camera was rolling. Funny moment for sure. We wrapped the day up with some establishing night shots and to my surprise I still do not get bitten by mosquitoes here, even when I don’t use the repellent. 

On Wednesday our call time was even earlier. We were doing a semi continuos day, which means only half an hour lunch, but we get to finish an hour earlier. Not a bad trade after all. The day did go relatively quick. It was fun watching my IMDB credits migrating from misc category to script department. Also I was a bit more strict with my keto and felt physically much better. Shower and bed after work.

Thursday. Same location, similar scenes. I yet again realized how much I despise the routine. Thought I will be grinding two talky scenes all day and when the unexpected happened. One of the talky scenes, became also super choreographed for the camera, with props moving to allow the dolly to follow the actors. I think we did 15 takes on that, getting it just right,  but boy I was busy… Actors were having one of those days where they just couldn’t pronounce something or would forget the line. I am sure they felt frustrated with themselves, but I was kinda glad to have something more to do and to feel useful. The day went quick to my surprise. I managed to keep up with my keto too, having all those delicious fruit passed around and not having any. Tapping myself on a shoulder for that.

Friday. Another loooong day. You could sense everyone was tired. Was glad when the day was over. On our way back we watched assemblies of the first few days we did this week and they looked great. Also its crazy how stuff we did in the first half of the week already felt like ages ago. We did good though. I went for a dinner with few of my colleagues in the evening and one brandy soda and margarita later I was in bed just after midnight.

Saturday, or today that is, was way more interesting life wise for me. At 9 am I went to my Pilates reformer. I had two back to back classes booked. Great English speaking instructor with fun kinda slurty attitude. After the class I made a new friend with another fellow European from the class, a lovely 72 year old lady Wendy from Scotland. We had a little nice chat about life and film, because her daughter is also in the industry. She has been living in Bangkok for the past 15 years and in Philippines for 20 years before that. Quite inspirational for me to be honest. It was special, hope I see her next Saturday too. At 2 pm I had a laser hair removal appointment booked in, in one of the many beauty clinics here, which was actually more like a plastic surgery clinic. Never been to a place like this before. Quite an interesting experience. While I was filing out my health and emergency contact info I accidentally overheard another patient explaining that he flew in from Cambodia specifically for his liposuction today and something else tomorrow and that he will be flying back in 4 days. I must have chosen a good clinic if people fly here just to get some work done. My laser experience was something else too, very different from what I was used to in my regular place back home, but hopefully results will be the same. Will return there in 4 weeks. After getting home I finally watched some Ripper street (quite a few people I work with now have worked on it too, so was curious to see what it’s like) and now I am off to bed, because another long week awaits as of tomorrow. 

If you are considering working in a film industry, because it seems cool… Well, you will also have to be cool with putting most of your life on hold for those times when you are actually working and learn how not to think about work in those moments or months when you don’t.

Stuff I found interesting:

  • Picked up my old gratitude journal and started my daily list again.
  • IMDB script supervising category and watching my credits transition. That’s pretty awesome.
  • Big ass lights to blast some extra fake sunshine, because as it turns out natural sun is just not enough.
  • A lot of photos of my feet and the floor this week.
  • Drama on this production just never ends, but I am not allowed to talk about it. Glad I am good at keeping secrets.
  • Macadamia nut butter with coco and pistachio milk. OMG. I discovered those earlier in my journey, but they worth a mention, cause it’s just something amazing.

Cheers with a glass full of elephant!