I started getting lost in the weekdays. I suppose that means that I have finally switched to the holiday mood and to be fair this week really felt like the actual beginning of my winter break. It felt nice, I felt a little more hippy and loose. Let me recap:

Monday. We spend the day in the local coffee shop catching up on our editing (yes we actually started editing our video log and might soon become published vlogers, never knew this day might come) The coffee shop had a range of nice teas and I am kinda into that, as well as a bunch of vegan and non vegan cakes and desserts. We had some vegan options to share and as I am writing this I realise that I absolutely forgot to keep taking photos. Anyway, so deserts were nice, other food options too, some laptop time was necessary. We were also looking for the more permanent place to move into. It turned out a little bit more of the challenge than I anticipated. It seems that due to the island predominantly surviving on tourism all the rentals are really holiday type and not long term. In a way we got lucky, because January after New Years is considered a low season and more places tend to offer their accommodation for few moths at a time, so we managed to find a few good options to view that day and the next. We spend the night at the turtle beach place with salty tap water and 4am prayer.

Tuesday. The boyfriend managed to get a nice vegan breakfast after which we both decided to fast for 24+ hours. My idea, I enjoy fasts now and again. I felt like I was carbing up the past few days and really wanted the refresher to get me back into ketosis. After the breakfast we went to see the potential home place and it was lovely, just needed some cleaning. So we took it and moved our stuff over in the afternoon. By that time everything was already semi tidy and the place really gave us some homey vibes. I can really see us living here for the next month and a half. We also bought a bunch of tea and a new dress for me. Evening proceeded with various tea tasting combinations and an early sleep.

Wednesday. We went to the local yoga studio for the morning practice. The class itself was relatively simple, but pleasant. The instructor is this young girl who’s dreams to live on the island so she dropped everything back home and moved here 2 weeks ago. I missed hearing those kind of passionate stories with the touch of youthful enthusiasm and a dash of naivety. It makes me feel old just thinking that, but it really hit home for me – I was all that once. She was kind enough to lend us her own yoga mat as there are no yoga mats to purchase on the island! We tried to do some Acro yoga after the normal yoga class, but my fasting boyfriend was simply too hungry and exhausted. He literally has zero fat on him, so I guess I should have known that his body will react differently to fasting than mine. Anyway, one dark chocolate and a coffee later he was back on his feet. We swung by the dive school to confirm the starting day, which we scheduled for Saturday, for my rescue course and until then I was free to do as many fun dives as I wanted. That was cool. Also we discovered a very local grocery store where we went crazy with buying all the possible salad options. I have missed fresh leafy greens so much that’s crazy. At home we did 2 huge bowls of salad topped with tempeh and tofu steaks. Very very nice. Good way to end fast and was both Keto and vegan. We also shot our 2nd vlog. A very productive day.

Thursday. Started with me being nervous about diving for the first time in a while. We got to the dive school for 8 am and I spent some time setting up my gear and trying to remember how to do it. Embarrassing. I actually realised and learnt to appreciate how much help I was getting from my instructor ex-boyfriend in the past. My first day was far from success as I literally struggled with my weight and could not decent properly. I figured later that my new wet suit had a lot to do with it. To top it all off at the end of the second dive, which was a relative success, since I managed to decent and complete the dive I felt sea sick and was throwing up right off the moving boat. When we reached the island and it was the time to leave though I literally fell off the boat on to the shore and the boat hit me in the head. Outch. What a way to start my diving journey… In the evening we cycled to catch a sunset and meet up with my friend who was passing by through the Gili T. It was super nice to catch up with somebody from the film industry and it got me pretty hyped for the future work projects.

Friday. Another morning at the dive school. Still fundiving and getting my dives up. I officially filled up my first dive log and clocked 41 dive. Yay. The first dive was at the place called the turtle heaven and yes it was. It took me around 30 dives in the red sea to see one turtle and here on this one dive I saw 5 huge ones in one spot. Crazy! Also bio rock houses are beautiful at this dive site. The second dive was a bit less exciting due to a pretty strong current, but in comparison to my previous day this was like a sunny bright day to my Thursdays dark nightmare. Good day overall. In the evening we cycled again to see my friend and the sun set. For the first time this year we actually had some alcohol (two cocktails to be exact). Very nice evening and a nice ride back home in the semi dark. Feelling a bit more local day after day.

Saturday. Started my rescue divers course. Was really looking forward to learning some life saving tips and tricks. I was in the group with 3 Australian guys so the whole training in the pool part took close to 5 hours. Pretty exhausting, but really helped with water confidence. Also used all of the dive school gear. Made me appreciate my own gear so much more as it is brand new and everything flows so much nicer. However it also made me think that it really doesn’t matter what kit you have in respect to the water confidence and skills. I would even say that the simpler or let’s say more problematic gear (my regulator was leaking) the better it is to learn as it prepares you for the uncomfortable or unexpected. Overall a good day.

Sunday. First thing we had a shore dive practicing some essential life saving techniques. My first shore dive! Followed by two usual boat dives. We practiced lot of various skills and things were going constantly “wrong” so we would need to help somebody. After that we did some more theory. Long days.. By the end of it I was starving and just wanted to pass out in my bed. Intensity felt a lot like my film work… 

That would be a week, but on Monday I actually had my last Rescue course day with some dives form “hell” and last theory exam so just wanted to include it here. So glad this course is over, as it was a pretty challenging one, but also so so useful. I am not PADI Rescue certified, YAY!


  • Video log is going places. Might be sharing the link soon. Hence not many photos…
  • Rescue Course!!! Just so glad I managed to do it! Also have bruises all over to prove it.
  • Diving in general. So nice to be back underwater.
  • New home!
  • Also the week seems so much longer. So much happened!
  • The friend visiting from Europe. So much love!

Cheers with the glass full of rescue ready elephant!