Ahh week 4… After the intense last days of week 3 doing my rescue course all I wanted and needed was some rest.

Tuesday. Took a day off from all the diving and send the whole day in bed in a state of a nap and digestion. It was lovely. We went out to get some more food supplies as we intended to stay in the following day too. Filmed a little.

Wednesday. Super lazy morning. I don’t think I even stepped out of the house. 

Thursday. Another day in for me. The boyfriend went out and finished his PADI open water course. So happy for him. When we met he said he will probably never be able to dive due to his ears and equalising issues. So this was a very big achievement. In the evening we got pizza and beer to celebrate. I think the last time I had those was over 6 months ago, when I was on camino. It felt like a treat really. Also I have decided to post pone my dive master course. It was a difficult decision, because for a very long time I felt like I had to do it. But somehow at this moment in time I did not feel it anymore. I also realised that changing my mind and steering away from the set ideas, became very difficult. Could it be my age? I’ll be turning 30 later this year..

Friday. Bfs dad arrived for a visit. Brought us a massive bag of various goodies for cooking and sesame seed oil!! It is a bomb! Also we went for our first fun dive with the bf. Also with the GoPro. Visibility was probably the best I have seen since diving here. Not the usual 40 meters, but 15. Which made me enjoy diving again. Also not having to deal with constant “troubles” of the rescue course felt very nice. The dive was great really. For the first time I saw sharks. In this case 2 baby ones and my favourite fish of all – the cuttle fish all of those in one place. Awesome really. In the evening we went for dinner and sunset. Sunsets here are just something else. I really hope I won’t ever take them for granted. They are that special.

Saturday. Family breakfast. Coconut cream really makes everything taste so good. Also sesame seed oil!

Sunday. We managed to find a new beachy place to hang out. Also next week will be travelling to Lombok to extend our visas and maybe see some of the island.

Overall week 4 was relatively uneventful. I feel like I am still catching my breath from all 2019 brought my way. Also as I am posting this I am actually way into my week 5 already, but internet here was pretty non existent in many places so publishing anything was impossible.

Hope everyone is having a positive and grateful life.

Cheers with the glass full of elephant for that!


  • Sunsets!
  • First fun dive with the bf.
  • Baby sharks and cuttlefish!