Hello from the other side or more like from my sisters apartment in Lithuania where we are bound to spend the next 2 weeks in complete isolation, because I have just arrived from Thailand. New rules. On landing in the airport we were instructed to leave the aircraft 30 at a time and then proceeded to be checked by people in hazmat suits. They measured our temperatures and gave out forms to fill. Basically we had to sing papers saying that we will spend the next two weeks in the quarantine. If cought not following the law we would get fined or persecuted. Not sure. Exciting.

Day 1. Thursday. Feeling tired after the whole trip back home and all the stress before I left really helps to stay in bed. Also the night before we were catching up until pretty late with my sister. I did not want to go to stay with her at first, as I was afraid to infect her in case I picked up something on the way. But. She was insistent and made a point that if I was to go to the hotel or airbnb I might meet way more people on a way. In this case the only other person I went in contact with was a very jolly taxi driver. Interesting times. He said the business is obviously very slow and he does not get to drive people often, so was very chatty. I think he was longing for a conversation. So my day 1 in quarantine started with a nice breakfast and a lot of lemon ginger teas. Later on my sister pulled out a massive puzzle she got as a present from work for Christmas. That was literally the task of the day for us. My sister cooked us some dinner, we did more of the puzzle and I fell asleep on the couch. So far I was not bored or anything. Just tired, so time actually does fly by.

Day 2. Friday. The puzzle game is still strong. Nice music in the background. Mom calls to check in often. I stopped following the news. The world outside the window looks still apart of the sun and the wind occasionally showing the appearance. We had groceries delivered today. The delivery person rang our doorbell and ran away. I only saw his red jacket flash through the little eye in the door. Also I passed out on the couch again.

Day 3. Saturday. I woke up and I had a bit of the fever. I think I managed to catch cold while adapting to the weather change. It’s averaging on +2C here and in Bangkok I was used to +35C on the daily. So a bit of a change. Obviously if the fever will persist I will have to check myself out for covid19 again, but at the moment it seems that there are more chances to catch it when going to the hospital to get checked out rather than waiting it out and see if you get better on your own. The rest of the day we did some more sistery stuff. I am really enjoying it. We sang some karaoke and binged watch the whole show of Messiah. Great show. Karaoke also felt like exercise. I got hot and excited. Overall a great day in.

Day 4. Sunday. Today marks a first full week  of the quarantine in Lithuania. The whole country got locked up last week when we only had 9 recorded cases. As of today it’s over 100. And that’s with closed borders for all foreigners, closed all but essential shops, gyms, malls, restaurants and most workplaces. The spread is real and easy. Honestly glad to hear that other countries were also shutting down this week. I think the sooner we all decide to stay at home, the sooner the virus will die out, as there will be no-one to carry it and the sooner we will be able to restart our lives. Today is my little brothers birthday. He is turning 26 and together with my sister we were recording him a bunch of silly videos as we cannot go and visit. Officially the quarantine was supposed to last until the end of next week, but now the government is talking about extending it for another 4 weeks. So we are also talking about Easter in isolation. On a positive note in 10 days I will be able to leave the apartment for a bit of fresh air as long as I maintain proper distance from anyone around. There is no one really around anymore though, but my sister tells me there is a table tennis table somewhere around her place so we will go to check it out once I am aloud. Something to look forward too.

Stay safe everyone and keep others safe by staying away from them.


  • The coming spring and the fresh air it brings.
  • Time with my sister.
  • Love and support people share with each other just by checking in regularly. Nice to know people care. 
  • Home cooked meals. 
  • Wine anytime of day.
  • Karaoke.
  • Puzzle.
  • Balcony.
  • Wooly socks.
  • New found appreciation for home. 

Cheers with a glass full of positive and healthy elephant!