Hello to the blurry week 2 of the quarantine. Considering that I technically have all the time in the world, why could I not post it on time?? Well the quarantine got me. Ahh I hope it doesn’t get worse.

Monday. I am a master of procrastination. I kinda always knew that, but managed to keep myself busy so I would not fall into that trap. However, now this trap is also very helpful with living my days in total isolation. All of the sudden days go fast again. I haven’t achieved much today though. But as everyone keeps saying now, we are saving lives just by being at home, so yay us. I used to say that my goal in life was to help people and I was looking for the best way to do it, maybe this is it. If you don’t find your own way it will be shown to you. Dam dam dam…

Tuesday. PS4 day. Back in Autumn when I was moving my stuff from London I sent a package to my sister with some items I wanted her to have. One of them was my PS4. I haven’t used it in forever myself, but even just the sound of it in the home screen took me back to the times I was playing assassins creed on a couch last winter waiting for the jobs to pour in. (They didn’t) But one job did come in and I had to move abroad for it and I never went back after. So. I spent the whole day running around as Kassandra through Ancient Greece enjoying the outdoors. I always thought that game developers are a talented bunch, but now I got this stronger brand new appreciation for their abilities and dedication to create something so real and beautiful which can be enjoyed anywhere anytime.  GO YOU GUYS!

Wednesday. I spent most of the day re-editing this script I was sent by this director I have worked with in the past. It’s nice to have something “serious” to do. The script is a historical 6 part drama. Interesting read and it is a first time I was asked to do some writing. It is not a full blown creative writing, but a good start for me I think. In the evening we watched some films. Nothing mind blowing, but I think it is important to stay in positive feelings, so I only want to watch stuff which will make me feel jolly. It is a bit of a change from few days ago when I gave “Vampire detective” a go and couldn’t sleep for half a night. I have a strong hate relationship with zombies. Never again. 

Thursday. I saw this quote somewhere online saying “what will you come out as after the quarantine?” It kinda stuck with me for a bit. What do I want to come out as? If this self isolation is a cocoon, how do I want to be upgraded? First step I did towards that was, I stopped eating all the food which was at home. I had some crazy appetite this past week! I set down with my laptop and did some work on the script. Met my daily goal for that. Sat on a sunny balcony sipping lemon ginger tea wrapped in a blanket and listened to some bible reading on my headphones. I promised myself that from today on I will read at least for half an hour every day.

Friday. SO. Have I done anything I promised myself that I will do yesterday. NO. Does it surprise me? Also not really. I have stuck to my Keto diet and read a decent amount of the audiobook today, that’s something. Also I sat on the balcony for almost 2 hours chatting to my friend on the phone. That’s an achievement. Also I prepared food for my sister and I today. I guess I was not that completely useless after all. Yay me.

Saturday. The highlight of the day was a walk outside. The very first time I left my self isolation at all since arriving back from Thailand. The day was beautiful and we took a pretty remote path through the forest and towards the river. I took a lot of photos, we wore black scarf/mask/bandana kinda things my sister made for us. It was great. When I think of it it was probably the highlight of the whole quarantine so far. I miss outdoors.

Sunday. It got super cold again. We went for a quick round to the supermarket to get some food and a new puzzle. I also finally got to make a Keto cheesecake I always wanted to try. Had some nice chats with friends online and drank few gins.

As of this week I am changing my “Highlights” into “Gratitude list” because I think in those quarantine times, it is very easy to loose the sight of the things we should still be very grateful for:

  • Having this beautiful apartment with a balcony to live in at a low cost.
  • Sharing my quarantine time with my sister.
  • The fresh air of the coming spring.
  • The sunny days.
  • Having some actual script writing to do.
  • All the technology!
  • Audiobooks!
  • Not needing to wash my hair for three days!
  • All the Keto food I could cook.

Cheers with a glass full of trying not to be bored elephant.