Dear all,

I am coming in to you with my final Post Quarantine summer 2020 post, as at the moment of writing I am on board a flight back to London. I am starting or more like resuming the project, which got stopped due to Covid in March, so technically my LONG jobless holiday has come to an end. 

Honestly, I am feeling all sorts of things. Excitement to be going back to work and seeing my old colleagues again and sadness due to everyone and everything I leave behind at home. Also I have no idea when I will be able to come back and see everyone again as with the new travel regulations and various quarantine and self isolation rules it is not as easy to jump around Europe as it used to be.

Anyway, this weird pandemic summer was hands down one of the best I had since I was a child. I had time for my family and friends, I travelled within the country, helped a friend to do a short film, made some new friends and created some wonderful memories I will carry with me on my foreign adventures. Really I am blessed and this job is a bitter sweet ending to it all.

This is my final week:

Monday. Final moving out day. Packing packing and more packing. Few car trips with all the belongings to my moms house in the suburbs. In the evening we celebrated Mamas birthday and for the first time in a long time all the kids (me, my brother and sister) spent the night all together under the same family roof. 

Tuesday. My brother gave me a ride into town for the reformer class. I went to for a facial afterwards, since I am leaving soon and certain beauty things are on my list before I depart. Probably those things won’t be possible in the UK due to the ongoing pandemic and way more cases of Covid in London that there ever was in the whole of Lithuania. The rest of the day I spent working at the library, which had a nice revamp few years ago and I had this little dream ever since to enjoy it.

Wednesday. Reformer class and working all day in my favourite coffee shop. Another little dream of mine got ticked as I know I will miss this place once I am away. In the afternoon I met up with a friend who was visiting his girlfriend (also my friend) from the UK. We had a nice little catch up just the two of us before she finished work and joined us for a gin and tonic. In the evening I watched a movie, dubbed as Polish 50 shades of grey – 365 days, it was so bad it was good. Currently ranking as number 4 in Lithuania on most watched films on Netflix. The feminist in me was crying slightly as I watched it, but then again, I am learning not to take everything so seriously and I just hope that some young impressionable girls who could be watching it will do the same as it is in no way a good or accurate representation how things in life are or should be. 

Thursday. I broke my routine today, which was a nice change and went for the eggs benedict breakfast in this other place I really like and will miss. After, I just relaxed by the city river digesting and waiting for the evening reformer class. After that a quick catch up with my girlfriends at the burger fest. Bummed into some people I know there, kinda random, but very very welcome and nice encounters. Just after midnight  I went home to my moms.

Friday. Morning reformer, iced coffee in one of the main city avenues and a lake day. In the evening we had a girls night out planned. Went for a rather fancy dinner and cocktails. Nice warm evening with nice warm conversations. All love.

Saturday. Spent the night at my friends house and went for the morning pilates class. Nice summer day. Took a taxi back to my moms house to start packing once again as we got a green light to move into the apartment we just bought with my sister. Moving day was LONG. I spent a lot of time with my brother driving back and fourth, so that was the silver lining of it all. I missed him.

Sunday. First night in the new apartment, but somehow it felt like home. It’s that cosy. My sister has done most of the unpacking as my suitcase and the stuff in it (mostly all of it) will be going to London in few days. In the late afternoon we met up with my brother and went to the cemetery to visit my grandmas grave. It has been another little dream of mine and so glad I could do it. The day was really hot so we went to the lake afterwards. Had some really nice brother sister conversations and I am so proud of the man he is growing up to be. More love.

Monday. Had two back to back pilates classes, the last ones before my departure. The fridge my sister ordered arrived as well. I realised that I have never purchased anything like that before. Felt so grown up. In the evening we had my leaving BBQ party planed. Friends friends friends. I am really blessed with kindest people around me. However everyone had jobs next day so the night was rather short lived and I had a little stroll around the old town at night before calling a taxi home. Fun fact, I called it to the wrong address as I forgot for a moment where I live now..

Tuesday. A bit of laundry and repacking for London. My sister really wanted to go to IKEA to have a look and sit around various sofas. We did a family affair out of it, so everyone joined and we did not manage to choose anything. I wonder whether it was due to the poor selection or too many opinions.. Anyway, in the evening we ordered a bunch of McDonalds (massive cheat for me, as I don’t do carbs or junk food) and had another little celebration at our new flat. By this point I had so many leaving gatherings I better not come back soon.

Wednesday. So this has taken me to today. Three friends of mine came over to pick me up and drive me to the airport. It was so so so sweet, I can’t say enough how lucky and loved it made me feel. I had the best summer really and so glad that our country managed to deal with the pandemic in a way it aloud me to have all those experiences. On this happy note I finish my post quarantine diary of summer 2020. Bring on the new adventures! For now I know where I will be staying until the end of August, later I am not so sure, but it’s the part of being freelance and I do get the kick out of it.

I wish everyone love, compassion, health and many many blessings!


  • The whole of summer 2020. (If someone would have told me that I will feel this happy at the beginning of the quarantine, I’d have said they were crazy, but really it’s all in how we choose to perceive things)
  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • New Friends.
  • Pilates.
  • New home for my sister and me (part time).
  • Job in London.
  • Warm weather!!

Cheers with the glass full of blessed elephant!