Another week, another warm hello!

Now as I sat down to write about my past week I realised that I did not take a single photo on my Go Pro for this blog… Honestly this week seems like a big blur. Mainly because I feel like I am living in a limbo. I am due to be leaving for London next week. We had to move out from my sisters rented apartment and sort of couch surf until the apartment we bought will be vacant for us to move in. It might not happen before I am supposed to leave, so my life is once again packed into my big suitcase. The government reintroduced face masks in all the indoor spaces due to the growing numbers of covid19 cases and are in the talks about shutting down the EU boarders once again. I haven’t bought my flight ticket yet as I am afraid the flights will be cancelled as of next week. Strange feeling of uncertainty once again. In my heart I am also a little sad. I got so used to my life back home and it pains me to get up and leave once again, especially not knowing if I won’t be locked out of coming back in the upcoming future.

All that aside, let me walk you through my rather peaceful last week. Who knows those might be my last weeks of post quarantine life and the new chapter of London or the quarantined life once again will begin soon.

Stay strong, stay healthy!

Monday. Reformer class as per usual. I am reaching the final stretch with my exercise routine this summer as I won’t be able to go out and do things like this once I am in London. We will have to live in a “contained bubble” as per production. No social interactions outside it, meaning no gyms and no pilates for me. Sad sad, but necessary. Contemplating alternative exercise options similar to reformer I could do at home… 

Tuesday. Reformer and a pretty peaceful day at home. My lovely agents have been pretty active with putting me forward for various upcoming projects. Now I am hoping for some interviews to come from this. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday. Reformer. I finally got out of the house to meet my sister for lunch. This week she finally went back to the office after the lock down. It has been really quiet without her… Also, I had to do an online course for coronavirus basic awareness while working on set, so right after lunch I went down to my favourite coffeeshop to do it. An actress friend of mine, who I previously ran into at the pilates studio popped down to see me, as she is developing a theatre play into a film. Honestly I was pretty impressed by her determination and it’s just so refreshing to see women pushing through projects like that. If I can tell, just by reading the script, that it has been written by a man I sure will see the difference, when it will be done by a woman. And I want our voices to be heard too.

Thursday. Reformer and a bit of the packing day. A friend came over to lend us some moral support, but instead we spent the evening catching up. Oh well. My sister for some magical reason thinks that she doesn’t own much as she purchased 10 big Ikea bags hoping to fit EVERYTHING. In her defence, she has not been moving much ever so.. let it be the learning curve.

Friday. Reformer. Before the weekend the trainer always goes hard. Luckily we had my sisters friend and his friend coming over to help us with carrying the bags. The move itself went pretty smooth, but surprise surprise, we ran out of the Ikea bags. It will have to be something I deal with on Sunday, since my brother is coming over to help. In the evening I went out for a meeting/date with this guy I met few weeks ago at the kayak trip. He was supposed to bring my water shoes over, as I forgot them that day. We had a nice meal and time together, maybe a bit too much to drink on my part, but hey ho. He was a perfect gentleman and he really does seem like a nice guy, but the sparks weren’t flying. Actually, nothing was flying, we had a good time hanging out together, I felt happy, but once I left, I didn’t feel a thing. It is a strange notion to me though, as I usually experience stronger feelings after having brief chats with strangers. Yea, well, there is definitely something not quite alright on my part.

Saturday. My mamas birthday. We had a little misunderstanding and ended up not seeing each other that day. I did feel pretty hungover too, which probably contributed to the misunderstanding, my sister was away on a hiking trip so we postponed the celebrations to another day.

Sunday. Another moving day with my brother. I don’t like packing, I do it so often, I really should be loving it by now, but no. It’s painful physically and emotionally. I wish there was a professional packer who could do it for you. Business idea? Anyone? After that was all done, I met up with my girlfriends to enjoy one of the last summer evenings we have together. There was some sort of a party at a park. It was similar to the one we went to when on a beach holiday. Music was good, weather was warm. Great way to end the week.

That wraps me up. Since I have not taken a single photo this week I am adding some behind the scenes stills from the shoot I did with friends the week before. Random I know, but I love those guys.


  • Peace and quiet.
  • Last reformer sessions.
  • Mama.
  • All the positive changes coming up.
  • All the possible job options.
  • Had a little chat with a work colleague. She got me hyped up for London.
  • New and old friends.

Cheers with a glass full of healthy elephant!