I got into a habit of writing my weekly blogs here. This is, however, has nothing to do with that. Today is just a days which will get a mention next week, but yet, it feels more special.

I had just finished a video call with my dear friend from Portugal, it was a long overdue catch up on our summers. The energy I get from our conversations always lifts me up, that’s pretty crazy, if I stop and actually think about it. We’ve met just over a year ago, when we were both dealing with our break ups and in a way we are a personal testament to “life goes on” and “time heals”.

I am not sure where I am trying to get to with this post (it will happen in the end, I promise), but I just wanted to do a big shout out to love and life in general.

Some people come into your life and make it that bit better, even if they are not there full time. I think I have done some growing out of my avoidant pants this year to embracing proper feelings, bad and good. The later for some reason has been more difficult to embrace, not sure why that is..? Maybe feeling pain comes more naturally to me, because it is easier to recognise? We all have been hurt in various ways at some point and my theory now is, that perhaps pain and heartbreak is more familiar to most than the heart full of love and a sense of security? 

I have started practicing my daily gratitude again and noticing positive things in my daily life is something I try to do more consciously now. I feel like I have a good base, as gratitude journals have been a part of my life since before I’ve started this blog. But.. Even now I do realise that there were parts of my life which did not get enough of acknowledgement. And those parts have everything to do with love. The daily gratitude practice for today told me to give thanks to all the money which I have received in my life. Which is a great practice actually, I have done it many times and I do strongly believe that it helps to change ones attitude and relationship with money. However, it also got me thinking about all those times in the past where I have been given love, be it family, boyfriends, friends, colleagues or random acts of kindness. I think when dealing with a heartbreak in the past I definitely chose an avoidant path and would simply shut it all down, as if it never happened. However, today I sit and think, that perhaps it is a good idea to think through all the love which was in my life even if it did not end in happily ever after.

Wish me luck, or perhaps join me. At the end of the day love can buy happiness.

Cheers with a glass full of grateful, loving and loved elephant!