Hi all!

So London has been very generous with the sunny weather this week. I guess that’s what happens, when you finally invest into a proper warm, waterproof jacket. No complains though. My week was filled with dog walks, reading and prepping the news scripts, few meet ups with old friends and some pilates of course. Overall a success.

I couldn’t ask for more. Well I could, I suppose and that would be for the pandemic to be over. Lithuania has implemented mandatory quarantine for everyone returning from the UK and that means – no quick weekend trips home. I now realise how much for granted I used to take the travel in the past. Also working the way I do, now feels way more isolating. I am about to go to Manchester soon and it is on a “social lockdown” I am not entirely sure what that means, but it is definitely not the regular life. I am yet to learn what is the new norm over here. Film sets are usually full of people who do have a rather close contact with each other, this is not the type of job you can do on your laptop from home. I know we will be tested frequently, but testing does not prevent the virus from spreading, I think a lot of people forget about it. If someone from the crew comes back with a positive test result it will halt the whole production, meaning, being unemployed and stuck away from a rent free home. Well it is a risk most of us are willing to take now, since all of the film productions stopped in March and everyone all of the sudden lost their income. I understand that I am one of the lucky few who did not have to struggle financially as much as others (no mortgage, no kids or other obligations really), but I just really hope that people will act responsibly and won’t endanger others and themselves while trying to catch up on the lost income. Going back to work does feel like a gamble, so wish me luck!

I am sending you all some positive healthy energy too, lets protect each other, wear masks, sanitise our hands and give each other space. Love to all!

Here’s is a little walk through my fourth week in London, where did the time go?

Monday. Even though the shoot only lasted 11 days I managed to get pretty tired and this bank holiday Monday was so so welcome. Also I have this strange feeling of loss due to one job being over and I can’t quite believe that I am about to start another one tomorrow. In the late afternoon I went to meet up with my childhood friend, who has been living in London for the past 10 years I think. At one point we both lived together and I helped him to get a job at Starbucks when he was still studying. I was also still at college and my filmmaking dream was so far. We tend to see each other when I come to London and it has been a while now. I am so proud of him, he has done everything he once told me he wanted to do with his career and he is proud of me for following through with mine. It was a very nice catch up with a walk in Regents park and a coffee on top of the Primrose Hill – my favourite spot in London. Brings back so many memories. Also it is so refreshing to talk to someone my age who had a similar journey in the past 10 years. We share a rather similar view on our 30s so yea..it was a very nice afternoon. I was so pumped up after it that I chose to walk home, which took me just over an hour. I listened to some peaceful piano from my Spotify playlist and it was a great end to the day.

Tuesday. First day at work for me. Also it is a 1st of September and that date in it self has so many connotations for new beginnings. However, since I am told to prep from home it hasn’t really change much of my morning routine. Since my friend is back at work too, I will be taking her dog out in the mornings and afternoons. So that’s what I did, although it felt more like he was walking me rather than I was walking him. Funny and pretty entertaining actually, somehow with the dog you can just wander around everywhere and it will be ok. Also I must admit I enjoyed the lack of control. (Hmm.. should make a mental note here). Actually my friend had issues with her car in the morning so she couldn’t leave for work as she planned, but luckily with some positive thinking and a swift battery change it started running again. In the evening we went for a reformer pilates class and it was just the two of us in the whole studio. Pretty cool, we got a private class treatment and it was very good.

Wednesday. Another beautiful sunny day in London. Not sure what is going on here to be honest. Me and Ricki the dog had a nice stroll through the park, before I went back to work. I managed to arrange the accommodation and transport with my future colleague in Manchester, so that’s a big achievement. I feel so lucky sometimes honestly! Gratitude vibes all around! In the evening I went to see another friend from a deep far off past. She is almost like a cousin to me, with all the history we share. Anyway, so London standard wise she lives very close to me, just under an hour.. Yea so I went to see her at her place. It has been a while and the last time we saw each other was Easter family gathering in 2019, I still had my rather abusive boyfriend and she was just about to have her big surgery. We had a lot of ground to cover… I am super proud of her actually, her life has not been very easy and it seems that drama follows her around, but she keeps coming out on the other side with a pretty strong and reasonable outlook on life. GO GIRLS! 

Thursday. Work day. Finally did some reasonable progress. Scripts are very good, the story is interesting, but it got me a bit. The theme is pretty dark and re-reading it feels like watching the same deep movie over and over again. I needed a little break to clear my head after the days work. Luckily Ricki the dog decided to run away to the neighbours garden while I was clearing my head outside. He refused to come back so I had to embark on a proper 30 min mission trying to seduce him with food and promises. It was all in vain though. In the end I went knocking on all of the next door neighbours doors trying to find who that garden Ricki decided to chill at belongs to. Great. It did clear my head alright. Success. 

Friday. Work day. Have done some good progress. Had some few calls and finally started to feel that I really am the part of this production. Prepping from home feels so strange sometimes, if there is not that much contact with other people on the same job it almost feels like you are working into the void.. I wonder whether a lot of people felt this way working from home during the pandemic. I’d imagine yes. The DOP called me today while I was out at Tescos. Just to chat and introduce himself. That was pretty sweet I thought, he said this show is his first ever tv drama at 55. Should be interesting!

Saturday. Pilates in the morning and a lot of resting afterwards. All this script analysis got to me. Also was feeling pretty inspired and wrote this: https://glassofelephant.com/2020/09/05/saturday/ Glad I did, because as I am going through this weekly update, I almost forgot about it and it was actually a very nice day for me.

Sunday. Another day another pilates class. Abs and butts again. Having pilates partner is so much fun actually. I really should hype up about it more!! In the afternoon we did some food shopping for the week and did a very spontaneous BBQ, while the sun was still out. What a nice way to end the week. Super happy. Ah also I got some CBD oil to help me with my sleep. Used to drink valerian root teas back at my sisters, don’t have access to those anymore, so giving this ago. 


  • Walks walks walks.
  • Primrose hill! ❤
  • First tube ride in ages..
  • Paying everywhere using my phone, I know I am late to the party with this one, but this pandemic made me trust in it more.
  • Old friends!
  • Pilates with a friend, way more fun!
  • Working on a show with a meaningful message, dealing with a very current issues and being paid for it.

Cheers with a glass full of inspired and grateful elephant!