Goooood evening Manchester!

I’ll be quick today, as I am pretty tired and tomorrow is my first day on set with a bright and early start. I am pretty excited, but also have those “the night before” jitters…

Anyway. So my first week in Manchester has been a success. My new flatmates are great, the team I have met seems great, the weather was beautiful and the city itself gave me some New York vibes. Honestly, so far I could really see myself living here for a bit.

In other news Covid cases are rising and although I feel adjusted to the life in the pandemic it is very much prominent here than I have ever experienced it back in Lithuania..

Health and strength to you all! 

Monday. The day was long and eventful. Actually it flew by very quick and in the end I was very happy with it. Today’s magic practice was to be grateful for the events in the day before I lived them. It’s a very nice exercise actually as I always end up having a fun day when I do it. So in the morning I took a tram to the office where I had my covid test done. Not a pleasant experience, but has to be done.. every Monday from now on.. I had a quick Pret lunch on the bench and went back for a 4+ hours zoom read through of all the scripts.. interesting and very very useful, but my head was booming afterwards as I was intensely timing everything as actors were reading. In other happy news, I finally met most of my colleagues and they seem so nice! Also my new housemates are very cool! In general so far it seems that people up north are way friendlier than in London. I have heard of it being the case, but surprised to actually see it for myself. All in all the day was a success, I had a nice hot shower and now laying in my comfy double bed surrounded by pillows looking forward to this whole shoot to finally begin. 

Tuesday. Office day. Pretty productive, but also just flew by. Talking about flying by, the apple is announcing new gadgets today. I am in the market for the new iPad. After work me and my new flatmates walked around the area. It was nice and very sweet of them to show me around. They are very cool actually. Also I made it my evening ritual to have a nice steaming shower and some pampering before going into bed. My room is also super cosy, which helps. It has been a while I had a proper double bed all for myself. I am enjoying it.

Wednesday. We arrived to work for 9 am, just for me to be told that the new script won’t come out until next day.. Yea I was told I can have some time off, since the late scripts mean, that I will have to work on the weekend. Honestly I don’t even mind, I missed being hard at work this much. Also I had a FFP2 mask fitting today. I failed it, as my face turned out to be too small for it. Yea one size fits all is a myth even when it comes down to masks. I had the fitting reorganised for the next day, once they have new masks. Exciting. I cannot yet believe that next week we start shooting. Usually, on the first day of a job, I feel like I went to work and I come back from it once they call a wrap on the last day. Mentally it is definitely the case. Physically I hope I will have a little bit of time for myself. So far Manchester has been very good. I sleep well and I am loving life. Hooray.

Thursday. I had half of the day off, but still managed to wake up at 7 am. Habit by now. Also I laid in bed and was reading (I am even embarrassed to write it here, what it was, but no secrets hey..) so facebook hooked me up on some of the romantic novels it kept poping on my app and I gave in. Perhaps I am in a rather romantic spirits, so I attract that? Hmm not sure, but anyway, so I ended up reading a soapy romantic story for almost 4 hours straight until I had to rush out the door. Crazy huh? Also I keep listening to my favourite classical piano playlist on Spotify and it is just a cherry on top. My mom thinks that I am getting old, hence my “new interests” I feel like I am finally embracing all those things I secretly suppressed. Like being romantic and actually enjoying piano music much more that I was comfortable in admitting. Anyway, the day is not over yet. I had a very productive chat with camera team later today, so all seems to be set for Monday.

Friday. Long day in the office. By long I mean I was the last person to leave the floor. At least I feel ready. Also, today we were told that our PM got tested positive. Glad she was not in the office at all this week.. dodged that bullet hey.

Saturday. I had a pilates private session book. It was a little while away from where I live now, but the day was sunny once again so I didn’t mind a little wonder. The class itself was more like a physiotherapy assessment, also we barely used any reformer and did combination of exercises including Garuda. I was not familiar with it at all before today. Interesting. Not sure if this place is exactly for me, but I did enjoy the class regardless. Also after it I chose to walk back home, which took me about 1.5 hours. I popped down to the local salon to get a pedicure once I was in my area. So yea, pampering day. Super happy.

Sunday. Laundry laundry laundry. Went into town finally to get some waterproof trousers and bumped into the producer and the DOP of the show. They were shopping for the same thing. That was funny. Also they have invited me to join them for drinks afterwards and so I did. It was a very nice afternoon with few old fashions and g&ts. Another success. 

Alright, I promised to keep it short so that is that for now. Good luck studio!


  • Manchester!
  • The weather! Golden autumn, my favourite!
  • Flatmates!
  • Colleagues!
  • Unexpected encounters!
  • Romance.
  • Tram. I just find it so much more enjoyable to travel over ground than in the metro in London.
  • I did a bit of a fancy food shop on Thursday, so my fav find was the truffle oil! It is something!

Cheers with a glass full of relocated elephant!