What a week what a week. 

A bit of a rollercoaster of emotions with all the uncertainty, but I feel like I managed to push through with the positive thinking and gratitude even on the days when it was being tested. Phew.. 

So now I am sitting on my bed in the tidied up room, which smells of a fresh laundry, listening to the peaceful piano through the speaker, having just eaten one of the Keto cake bars instead of a dinner. I am happy. I could have had a Keto carbonara today, well I really wanted to as I have the low carb past, but, the local supermarket closed in front of my nose quite literally, because I forgot that it is Sunday and everything shuts at 5pm. There is definitely no grudge here haha. Anyway, let it be my last fail of the 20s. 

In other news, the first week of the shoot went well, we are all healthy and had negative Covid test results. Hurray us! For the most part on set I was behind this glass wall, which made me feel as if I was in some sort of reality tv show. The new normal extends to the workplace too. Also I think as of tomorrow there will be stricter rules in place as earlier this week Boris made an announcement. Manchester in a social lock down, but I think now it will be in a local lockdown, gosh I think I should understand it better, but I do not yet do. Work has kinda consumed my life now, so even if I wanted to I wouldn’t have time to spend doing much of other things anyway.

Hope you all are staying healthy, safe and positive too!

The breakdown of the week below:

Monday. Early start. Leaving the house at 6 am. Been awhile. As first days go, it was a good one and went pretty quick. The catering is so much better here than on the last days of The Serpent. Let’s hope I will be able to keep my keto up. New things covid safety wise – I had to wear a double mask for protection and the “covid dude” placed a glass wall behind me to stop people from breathing down my neck. All in all things started well.

Tuesday. A bit sleepy today and it is only day two. Want to try and incorporate some pilates into my routine as I’ve started sitting down a lot for work again. The day started sleepy and proceeded to be a little hectic and worrisome. UK government realising new Covid guidelines, us being late most of the day and then not completing it, production releasing new script revisions as if they did not have since march to finalise the scripts. Also the news came in that another production got three Covid cases in the shooting crew and as of now are standing down. Scary a little, the uncertainty of the job we do. However I think at this point we would be safe from Covid only if we self isolated at home, that’s how commonly spread the virus is. As my gratitude guide book teaches me, I am picturing us being the unaffected team by Covid, who manage to finish all 13 weeks of filming without a single case on set and no standing down. It genuinely makes me happy to think of that. Also when I was sitting at work with my double masks behind the glass screen and feeling uncomfortable due to the restricted peripheral vision I realised how easy and breezy the work would feel now if we went back to doing it the way we did before the pandemic. Apart of the job itself, we would be able to socialise with people outside of work, I could travel to see my family, I could do my pilates classes, go out to cinemas, for massages and all the other fun things I enjoyed doing when being on a project. Of course there were zero worries of possibly that the work might unexpectedly stop at any point and the income with it. Ah what glorious times we were living. 

Wednesday. I got asked to keep an additional time log for the actors to track for how long they are breaking their social distance on camera. Not really my department, but somehow I got excited with the document I managed to produce in a short space of time. I do like nice excel sheets. Is it weird? Also I socialised a bit with my colleagues, happy to be getting acquainted with the people I’ll be seeing on daily basis.

Thursday. So for the first time ever I have forgotten my iPad at work. Luckily my flatmate/colleague and the chauffeur had a pre call this morning so we got to work much earlier than usual. Apart of feeling a bit sleepy, I am in positive spirits. I got a very funny looking mask to wear today and for some reason it looks like I am the only one who’s got it. I kinda look like a duck, but I really don’t mind, a bit of a comic relief.

Friday. Today was a good day. Actually a very very good day. One of those where you know the work will be hard, but once you successfully manage to do everything, you feel very accomplished. So yes it is me today. Feeling pretty elevated. Also some of my colleagues started telling me that I seem very positive and that’s infectious. So glad about that, I am consciously trying to manifest this thought that our production will be one of the few which will not be affected by Covid, everyone will always test negative and we won’t have to stand down. In this time of Pandemic where all other productions we hear about get put on hold, it will really be a miracle. But then again, I am determined to make some magic. Wish me luck. Also my birthday is coming and those are my last days of the 20s. I didn’t think much of it, but somehow now I started feeling all sorts of things.

Saturday. I was supposed to have my pilates class with a new instructor this morning, but she canceled on me. Was not feeling well. I ended up going into to town buy some more warm clothes, because I did not think clearly when packing my suitcase in summer, as it is full of bikinis and summer dresses… In my defence I did not know I will be staying in the UK or let alone move up north where it is generally colder to begin with. Anyway, no complains, Uniqlo has a nice range of thermals, which I like in quality and price. Also they have smart self service boxes, you just dump all of your shopping and it scans it automatically. Why is it not the same in the supermarkets at self check out? How awesome that would be. Japan is living the future, that’s for sure. In the late afternoon, my dad who lives in Hull with his new family came to see me. It has been 3 years I think and we are not particularly close, so the visit was surprising, it kinda seems that he wants to reconnect a bit. Honestly I am not even upset with him anymore, so I do not mind. Also my half baby sisters, who are now teenagers are pretty sweet and I am happy to teach them ways of life if they only want to. I find it pretty strange/funny that we are blood related, but English is the only language we have in common to communicate. Now I wrote it and maybe it is not that strange after all as I am most comfortable using English as well now. Hmm.. In the evening we had Keto pizzas and cocktails with my flatmates. Those guys are great, I am so lucky.

Sunday. The morning started with pilates. I rescheduled for today and the class was definitely worth the wait. It wasn’t just the reformer it was the full equipment pilates kit and wau, I am impressed. Felt a bit like a child enjoying all the new toys and ways we can practice. It isn’t cheap, but worth it in my opinion. Well investing in your health is the best type of investment you can do I think. So I will definitely be seeing my new instructor again. I walked from the studio home which took me about an hour, so overall very well exercised day. Also it is my last day of the 20s. Tomorrow I turn 30. That still needs to sink in.


  • On Thursday a colleague of mine has given me a hug. I didn’t have one since the last day on the Serpent almost a month ago. Surely the lack of human contact is not healthy? Also how sad is that I remember the last time I had a hug…
  • I have been doing this Magic daily practice of gratitude for the past few weeks and even though I have done it quite a few times in the past, every time I re-do it, I discover something new. It is pretty exciting and puts me into a great mood. Recommend !
  • On Sunday after my pilates class I attempted to do some shoulder stands and guess what, I did it, pretty proud of myself for that, go pilates!
  • Work work work! Just so happy to be back at it.
  • My new colleagues are great, such a nice bunch of people to be around with, even with the social distance.
  • My new flatmates are awesome, just wanted to add it to the list too, because they truly are.
  • Seeing my now teenage sisters!
  • One of my friends who has been unemployed for a long time due to the Covid, finally landed a film job, so so happy for him and his girlfriend, who is also my friend and I know she has been worried about him not working for so long.
  • Pilates class! Wau wau wau!
  • Low carb Keto chocolate cake bar and pizza bases from lodough, so good!

Cheers with the glass full of elephant about to start a new decade!