Hello world, it’s that day of the week again.

First of all, happy Halloween for anyone who celebrates it. For me, it has always been the day to remember the loved ones who have passed and luckily it does not require any costumes or parties, so by being at work today, I did not feel like I was missing out on anything. Hope it went well for you too!

I am tired and my mind is a bit fuzzy, but that’s just the results of work. I am glad, I am able to feel that though as it means I am working again. Hurray! One day at a time. That’s how it is now.

Without any further ado this is my week 7 of Manchester (where did the time go???) below.

P.S you will notice from my photos that I spent a lot of time looking down at my shoes, admiring autumn leaves (I just love the them), noticing the traffic signs (thank you driving theory) and generally being outdoors a bit more (thank you boots).

Monday. I went to bet at 4 am and was woken up at 8 by the Ikea delivery man banging on my windows. Yay. In a style of a walking dead I jumped into a taxi and went to get my Hep B booster done. Now that I am planning the possible venture into Cuba for Christmas I though I should get it, just in case. Also picked up my hiking boots. I have a thing for hiking boots, so comfy. Now I am ready for work in wet weather as well as any possible camino I could do in the future. So happy. I stayed up all day without any naps and I am so proud of myself, need to sort this nightly life out, because work is coming back on Sunday. Cannot wait! Also my exam is in 2 days. Like What?!

Tuesday. Slept like a baby. So good. Took a taxi to my pilates class. Another great hour working on my knee alignments and some acrobatics. So much fun. Honestly I haven’t moved my body this way since I was a child on monkey bars and it was considered playing not an actual exercise. Funny hey? As kids we played this way and now I am paying to make sure someone watches me “play” in a safe way. Definition of adulthood! In other positive news, I booked my first driving lesson for the upcoming Saturday. How exciting!

Wednesday. So just, because I am super excited I will start with the happy news of passing my theory exam today. Whoop whoop. As I was there registering, taking my watch off, rolling my sleeves up and switching of my phone in front of the receptionist/guardian of no cheating person, I realised that I have not had to sit an exam since I finished school, 13 years ago! Wow! Yea, it was interesting and I was more nervous than I thought I was going to be. Oh well, that type of nerves can be a nice thing I thought, especially given our work situation. Which by the way is so so unclear still. We had Covid tests done today and if the lead actress tests positive we might be standing down for another 10 days.. I don’t even bother myself with worrying about that anymore to be honest. It is so utterly out of my hands, no overthinking can change that.. So this whole studying and passing my exam felt that extra bit special, because it was in my hands and I did it. Yay!

Thursday. I spent the morning in bed reading and rolling around with my pillows. Yes what a hard life. I went for pilates class at 5.30 pm and it felt like the middle of the night. It was a very very good class though. I walked home in the dark passing the local cemetery and yes, it was a bit creepy, but I was actually very safe. So 1 point to Manchester. I talked with few friends and had a very long rather random call with a friend from work. It was nice though. We are all in this pandemic work life together.

Friday. Rather productive day. The morning started with helping out a friend from work with his camera bags delivery. Basically me sending bags away with an uber. After, I went for manicure and pedicure as a treat to myself for passing my theory exam. It was so cosy and I have Autumny nails to show for it. I picked up some post from my first home in Manchester and walked and talked to my mom on my way home. I cooked a decent steak dinner and proceeded to go through all the script revisions I got during those two weeks. My driving instructor called to chat about tomorrow as well. I find it so strange that I am constantly being asked whether I have any driving experience.. (is it my age?) Well, my answer is always, I have no license, how can I have any experience? Right? Anyway a good day overall. Still cannot believe that work is a day from now. Like how?

Saturday. So, what a day. It is the evening now, I just checked the news that UK goes into another lockdown which means that you can’t leave home unless you’re going to work, food or exercise outside. Bars and non essential business have to close. So once again, working in those particular industries clearly is not considered as going to work.. In other news I had my first driving lesson today and it was great, not sure what I was so concerned about. It’s not that hard (haha). I had another awesome pilates class afterwards and a beautiful walk back home. The day was lovely, I ate good food, talked to friends on the phone and sort of prepared for work tomorrow. Yes I am going to work tomorrow. I’ll believe it once I’m there though as anything can happen at any time. Today I am going to bed pretty happy.

Sunday. Took a taxi to work. It meant that I could skip 6.30am breakfast, which is way too early for me to be having food anyway, so I was very happy about an extra time in bed. The day was pretty big, a lot of action and at one point we had 3 cameras rolling on the same action. So grateful that I work digital, as note taking is way easier than it used to be in my paper days. Manchester weather was pretty kind to us, aka, it did not pour all the way through, we even managed to get some sunshine. Also even though the lockdown is happening, our filming will go on, we were told. Entertainment is essential and I could not agree more!


  • Passing driving theory
  • Driving practice
  • Walks
  • Work
  • My neighbourhood!
  • Phone calls with family and friends
  • Cuba for Christmas!!

Cheers with a glass of almost driving elephant!