Welcome friends!

This has been my second full week of work on this job since I started. Cannot believe it. Pleased it all worked out.

I have been pretty emotional this week as the lockdown was announced in the UK and some of my favourite activities can no longer go on, because we are meant to stay at home and only go out for essentials and an hour of exercise. So no more pilates and driving lessons for now it seems.

We were given a three day weekend and ah that was needed. Our working hours are pretty draining, Christmas are coming, the situation at home is pretty sad Covid cases wise, which means that family Christmas is very very unlikely. All this does make me feel a bit lonely, but that’s a part of being freelance. Well at least I keep telling that to myself.

All I can say, I am super grateful that my family is still holding on being healthy and that’s the biggest blessing to me. Knowing that they are ok, regardless where I am and when I will be able to see them. Vaccine could not come any sooner.

Since I am homesick a bit, my plans for Cuba seem so irrelevant at the moment, I don’t think I would be able to enjoy it as much as I should missing out on another family holiday what would be my fourth winter in a row.

OK, on a positive note, I am going to work tomorrow. Hurray!

Hope you are all safe and healthy!

Week 8 below:

Monday. Feels like Tuesday. Day 2 at work done. Yay! It was so much colder than yesterday and I could definitely feel the freeze on all the bare skin places. Time for some online shopping before the stores close for lockdown. Although would they still operate online? Hmm, do not want to take the risk. Anyway, today was filled with various news for me. First of all I got an email from my college, which I’ve been waiting for. I am collecting all the official letters to prove my residency in the UK for the settlement status. This is 1 out of 3. Good start. Secondly, I found out that this remote monitor issue we have been having on set is due to my software breaking the signal and subsequently affecting everyones iPads. Yea.. I felt like a real di*k when we figured this out.. Thirdly, I have been offered a job in Morocco next year. Well, I was asked, whenever I was available and willing, so not so much of an offer yet, but close enough. I am not yet sure how to feel about it, since I know so little, but I have worked in Morocco before, so I would definitely love to come back. Fourthly, (is that even a word??) Anyway, yes my driving instructor messaged that due to the lockdown we won’t be able to study together until the restrictions are lifted… A bit annoyed by that.. Finally in my hungry cold state after work I have order another batch of Keto snacks and if you have been reading my weekly posts for a while, you might remember that every time I order snacks, something happens and I am not able to work for a while. I chose to live my life dangerously for the sake of Keto snickers bars.

Tuesday. Another day at work done. A tricky one. At least wifi video streaming worked. I am having a bit of a hard time reading minds of those who I have to deal with the most and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that due to Covid regulations we all have to keep distance from each other. Just a little while ago I was ready to give up on that, but, now that my systems are all working, maybe I will be able to give it another try. Fingers crossed. In real life news, my colleague from almost 8 years ago replied to my message on LinkedIn and helped me to get hold of that workplace in order for me to get another letter proving my residency. I am hopeful I will be able to sort it out before Christmas.

Wednesday. So today I cried at work. I can’t remember the last time I “lost” it this way as it is very unlike me. Just one of those days, where I was having a hard time with work and then got a negative email which I was heavily relying on to help me with my settlement status and it just pushed me over the edge. More than anything I am upset with myself for not sorting it out last year as it would have been so much easier. Oh well now. In US the Election Day is still going on as the votes are being counted, that also keeps me on the edge a bit. All in all, did not feel like I won today. Better luck tomorrow.

Thursday. It was a beautiful day outdoors around the safari park in Liverpool. I forgot to charge my go pro so I have no proof, but I really enjoyed today. My hair was clean, clothes were warm and scenes were not dialogue heavy, so I could relax a bit more. Oh the lunch was also so so good, but I might have been very hungry by that point already as I started skipping breakfast. I like working outdoors if it’s not pouring down or is too cold, so yes.. If the day before was not my day, this was definitely it. In not such happy news, the pilates instructor cancelled all of our private classes because of lockdown. I am gutted. I really don’t need bars or restaurants, but exercise is what helps me to stay sane… My brother keeps digging through my documents back at my moms house and it seems that the year I need to cover for my settlement status is just gone, there are no documents from that year and I just cannot believe it…

Friday. So, last night I passed out next to the radiator at home on the floor, cause I was that tired.. I woke up after midnight and went to bed. Had a nice sleep though. Today is a day off and I am glad we managed to film the whole week without something changing again. As we were saying our goodbyes yesterday, the thought, on not just my own mind, was whether we will see each other after the weekend. I hope we will.

Saturday. After a super relaxed day yesterday I went out for a walk this morning. It seems that there isn’t any lockdown in place as there were so many people out enjoying the nice weather. I facetimed my mom and sister and we had a nice walk together. Loving the technology. Since my pilates instructor cancelled all of our classes for next month I ordered a TRX to do some work outs at home. Looking forward to seeing it arrive. I started logging my food on the Myfitnesspal app again and it actually helped me to stay within my Keto macros for the past few days. Very happy about that, as it seemed that I lost a bit of track with my fat consumption to stay in ketosis. Feeling good today. Made a very Keto mice pizza today and about to indulge in some high fat Keto snacks while watching a movie on Netflix. Good day.

Sunday. Relaxing day at home. Did the last bits of laundry. Stuck to my Keto macros with the foods for today and was very proud, considering I got a massive box of snacks delivered yesterday. Had a nice walk to the supermarket whiles chatting to my friend from back home. Had another nice video call with my Mexican friend catching up on our weeks. Didn’t do any pilates, because the lockdown. But.. Might be able to restart as of next week as part of my pilates teacher training. Yes this has been on my mind for a while and it seems that I could actually do it and keep my classes going. Fingers crossed. Good week!


  • Week of work.
  • Manchester. Such a beautiful city. I am really liking it here, the Autumn feel, the architecture, the little cafes and bars, which are of course closed now, but still.
  • My Saturday walk. Loved it!! Also some random tank just standing on a road? Whats that about?
  • Christmasy feel around.
  • It’s not really a highlight, but the massive lines to get into supermarkets seem like something from the Soviet times!
  • Warm clothes for work!! I feel nice and toasty now. Yay!
  • Keto snacks. Mmmm
  • My family and friends. I miss them all so much, but technically helps. Love.
  • New friends!
  • Prospects of resuming pilates and maybe even the driving lessons! Just a thought of it makes me happy.
  • Smell of clean laundry! 
  • Reconnecting with my thoughts, if that makes sense. I spent one evening reading through my old blog posts from few years ago around this time and it was so refreshing to see that I was so happy and motivated (all before I met my now ex, who broke my heart almost 2 years later) So yes, it was a good reminder to pick myself up from that point.

Cheers with a glass full of forever standing elephant.