Do you have a price? Is there any amount of money or perks and comforts you would be willing to “sell your soul” for, so to speak?

I am a type of person who does not go back on her word. If I say that I will quit – I do, if I say that things are over – I move on, if I commit – I stay faithful. Selling my soul feels like ignoring those moral beliefs.

But I also say that everyone has a price and I truly believe that. However I never thought about my own price in this respect, until recently that is… I am not sure why all of the sudden this became a debate in my head, could it be the pandemic year? The fact that I turned 30? Or am I just tired and vulnerable.

Honestly it is probably all of those things. And still. It is a curious question, to think. What IS my price? If everyone has it, I cannot be an exception.

In the words of Jessy J: “It’s not about the money, money, money”. Price can be anything that benefits.

Do share with me. I am curious what it’s like for you as I am still searching for mine.

Luckily no soul trading transactions have to happen any time soon, all theory for now.

Cheers with a glass full of priceless elephant!