Yes I work in film.

No, I am not an actress.

No, I am not a director.

No, I am not a producer.

No, I cannot hire you, I am not a casting director.

No, I did not write the script.

No, I did not edit this show or film.

No, I am not “the man/woman with the camera”

Yes, there is a sound recordist, but it is not me.

No, I don’t do make up.

No, I do not design costumes.

No, I do not design sets.

No, I do not find the locations.

Yes, I went to a film school.

Yes, we watched movies there.

Yes, it is a real degree.

Yes, I would recommend it, but it isn’t necessary.

Yes, I worked for free.

Yes, I lived of packaged soups and canned tuna.

No, my first paid job wasn’t glamorous.

Yes, most of my jobs are not glamorous.

Yes, film industry isn’t glamorous.

Yes, it can be very exciting.

Yes, it can be very boring.

Yes, we might spend hours waiting to film that 10 seconds shot.

Yes, we can shoot that 3 minute dialogue scene in half an hour.

Yes, we chase sunsets and sunrises. We call it a magic hour.

No, it isn’t always a full hour.

Yes, we are all adults here, but it doesn’t mean we always act as such.

Yes, we need signs to tell us where to go and where not to go.

Yes, sometimes walls get bubble wrapped so we wouldn’t destroy them.

Yes, most of the food on set is fake.

Yes, someone always eats it if it isn’t.

Yes, this industry resembles military.

Yes, there is a general, we call him/her the 1st AD aka assistant director.

No, he/she is not the person who brings coffee to a director.

Yes, he/she is the person who generally calls “action”.

No, I do not know what time I have to be at work, until I am told aka receive the call sheet.

Yes, it also tells me, when I will be eating and when I am expected to finish the day.

No, it isn’t always accurate.

No, we do not finish early if we complete everything from the call sheet.

Yes, there is always something more to shoot.

OK, sometimes on very special days we do end up leaving earlier and those days are always celebrated.

Yes, we tend to refer to actors as children.

Yes, we tend to refer to producers/show runners as grown ups.

No, I don’t know what it makes us.

Yes, we feel pretty special and invincible, while at work.

No, not all stereotypes are correct, but creepy grips and sleazy sparks have earned their reputation.

Yes, #metoo is a real thing.

No, it does not have to apply only to women.

Yes, film industry is predominantly male dominated.

Yes, it is changing slowly.

No, we do not get paid more if the film or tv series end up being a success.

Yes, most of us are, what is considered in this industry to be, below the line.

No, I am not sure who drew it.

Yes, it doesn’t always feel fair, especially when watching Oscars.

Yes, I get to travel abroad with work.

Yes, I get to work 12+ hour days, weekends and holidays.

Yes, after those hours and days I also do overtime.

Yes, I skipped hen parties, weddings and funerals just to be at work.

Yes, I canceled holidays.

Yes, I have traveled unreasonably long hours just to be at work to get that experience.

Yes, I was/am afraid the work won’t be consistent.

Yes, I made friends for life while doing this job.

No, I don’t see those friends everyday/week/month or even a year.

Yes, some of my relationships have ended while I was working.

No, it was only partly due to the nature of my work.

Yes, when there is more than one film person in the group, that’s what they will talk about.

No, they can be just a little bit pretentious and a lot sad.

Yes, they struggle to find other subjects to talk about.

Yes, when I am working, this is all I see.

Yes, I miss my family.

No, I don’t think about quitting.

Yes, I love my job.

No, there is nothing else I’d rather do.