Hello friends!

Week 9 has come to an end. Time really does fly, wau!

I am coming to you in a pretty positive spirits. It is late into the Sunday night here in Manchester and I have just finished chatting to my Mexican friend as per our Sunday tradition. The work has been pretty all consuming this past week and I can just be glad about having a job to go to. The tiredness I felt at the end of the week was a nice sort of exhaustion which always makes me feel like I deserve to take some rest and time off for myself to recover. This is pretty much what I have done and don’t have any regrets.

The world is still in this 2020 pandemic, but if I’ve learnt anything this year, is that things can change at any time. I do feel pretty hopeful and positive about 2021. Also we don’t have that much left in this year and I feel a bit of a relief. New beginnings and opportunities always excite me and it seems that there will be a lot to get excited about.

Ok, on this rather positive note I just want to thank you all for coming to check on me here on a weekly basis and I hope you are doing well. Stay strong stay healthy! 

Week 9 in detail below:

Monday. Day at work 1 out of 5 complete. The whole day today I had this feeling that something good is about to happen. Not sure where the feeling came from, but in the end I did receive some good news today. First one being the covid19 vaccine. I am a bit sceptical still, but if it is legit, then ahh.. I don’t even have any words to describe the happiness. Secondly, my pilates instructor confirmed our sessions for next week. Hurray! Thirdly, my agents been sending my cv out to all the great places for potential work for next year, I am so looking forward to seeing what will be in store for me work wise in 2021. Lastly, my transport to work has been sorted and I am so so grateful! Work wise the day seemed pretty easy and calm for me. I feel like I am finally easing in with the work again and actually enjoying what we are making. It is a good story and I know I will be excited to share with you all what it is once we are finished. Today I am having an early night so, this is it really. All I want to say, I wish love and health for you all.

Tuesday. Another day at work done. We are still in the same location going through all the big talking scenes, a lot of work for me, but it keeps me busy in a good way. I am finally starting to feel a bit more settled at work, which is great, helps with doing my job better. Also I decided to take some photos of my colleagues wearing masks and then without their masks, as I realised that for most part I don’t know what any of those people look like in a Covid free world. In real life news, today was a first time I managed to do an unassisted head stand. So happy about that! What a milestone. Also the feeling that something exciting is about to happen is still within me. Maybe that Covid vaccine will roll out soon! My work lunches have also been pretty bomb these days. Low carb and very much Keto friendly, I am loving our catering people here, they are so nice to me. The audio book reading is also going pretty well, I managed to stick to at least half an hour of reading daily for the past five days. Huray! Oh and, the director from my Thailand job messaged me today with a photo of the end titles from the show with my name in it. He said the series are supposed to come out after Christmas, cannot wait! Overall a very good day. It’s 8.30 pm now and I am considering to watch one episode of Queens gambit on Netflix as I keep hearing great things about it from my colleagues. After that I should really get some sleep. Freelance life at its best.

Wednesday. Day 3 in the bag, as the English would say. Another rather busy day in the same location. A lot of talking and eyelines, my favourite thing about doing what I do. In the non current job related news, I had few emails from my agents about my cv and that potential job in Saudi Arabia I was put forward for in September. Nothing definite, but it seems that, because I have worked in Morocco before I might have advantage getting booked for this one. That’s pretty exciting, I would love to work there and to do a feature would also be a nice change from all the tv dramas I have been doing lately. Will keep you updated my 70 online readers. Wau, 70! Thank you guys for coming back to check in with me on a weekly basis, it really means a lot! I do my best to catch up with your blogs too, it’s such a warm feeling knowing that we are all in this platform and pandemic world together sharing our thoughts and glimpses into each others lives. Today I think of you, sending love!

Thursday. Day 4 done done. I was feeling a little out of touch today. Just one of those days when I wanted to curl up with a hot water bottle in bed and munch on my Keto snacks. Instead I was crammed in a small space in front of a screen watching all the intense action and listening to all the shouts and screams of passionate acting which requires a lot of concentration on my part to make sure that continuity is on point. Yea.. all the joys of being a mother one day hit me today. Oh well. It’s the evening now and I feel like I have so many things on my mind to consider in the real life that as I finish this little chapter here I have to write out a proper to do list before I forget. Overall I am just glad that I still have this job I love doing to wake up and go to in the morning. No complains, just a bit worn down and wishing I had a real life person to bounce my thoughts with so decision making would feel that bit easier. Heres is for the hoping that it will be the case one day. Love to all!

Friday. The week is done. Phew.. I am just about to relax with a cocktail and watch this new film which got released to Netflix today and the DOP I am working with shot it. The movie was good, pretty touching, I enjoyed it. Also I started watching the Queen’s gambit. All the memories of playing chess as a child rushed back in. Obviously I was never that good, but still to this day I enjoy it and I find it pretty romantic if I can play it with someone I fancy. Well actually, it makes me fancy someone more if they can play. 

Saturday. Driving lesson number 2. We drove around for an hour. First time with this instructor and he was very nice to me. Complimented my confidence and so on. Hopefully that means I will be driving soon on my own. Also this time I did make sure to check the car model I was driving – vauxhall corsa it was. Later on I went to the only Lithuanian store there is in Manchester to stock up on some sweets I wanted to bring to work for my colleagues. I called my mom and as we were chatting my sister came over to see her, so it ended up being a bit of a family gathering. Everyone was having dinner in my moms kitchen whiles I was here in Manchester with my laptop having mine. It felt like the good old days. Ah yes also I dropped by the post office to send some Keto snacks to my Lithuanian friend back home, who said that there aren’t any to buy. That’s true there isn’t anything readily available there, probably that’s why I indulge on them here. Also ordered a little present for my half sister in Hull to reach her for her birthday next week, she is turning 12. Time really does fly when you look at children. She was still in the belly when I first arrived to the UK.

Sunday. Another driving lesson today. I wasn’t at my sharpest as I didn’t have breakfast before hand and Manchester decided to grace us with the beautiful sunshine right through the windscreen into my squinty eyes. I didn’t crash or run anybody over so I wasn’t a complete failure. Considering it was my third time behind the wheel ever I’d say I was ok. Still the perfectionist in me was disappointed. I had a nice Lithuanian Keto meal later on, stuck to my calories and did a quick ab TRX work out. Also I finished watching the Queen’s gambit. It hit me a bit close to home. So now I am in my thoughts about my father or lack of him throughout my life that is. All is well though. I am going to work tomorrow. Oh side note, there was no pilates as my instructors son got Covid..


  • Transport captain on this job for helping me to sort out the logistics of getting to work.
  • Covid19 vaccine! Please be real!
  • Audiobooks! Back at it. So pleased I am finally going through my reading list.
  • Unassisted head stand! Yes!
  • Few book releases I am waiting for are due to come out this month. Cannot wait!
  • Driving!
  • Work! Just glad I have one!
  • Sunday evening calls. 
  • My settlement status here might actually get sorted before Christmas, so so happy!

Cheers with a glass full of rather excited elephant!