So. This week has been sooo long, work wise. I don’t feel I have recovered quite yet even with the two days off this weekend… I think those past two weeks were the most difficult in our schedule this year and now it feels like the end is very near.

We spent half of the week shooting on and around trains. It was incredibly cold! I forgot how cold this country can feel when the temperatures drop to 0. All this dampness in the air just gives you chills… The second half of the week was mostly outside, but in a different location, shooting on the street with a little car chase sequence. I finally got my own small portable monitor so for the first time on this job I felt like I could actually do everything properly. As tiring as this week was, but so far, work wise it has been the best, so I am very happy.

By Wednesday however, I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, but not about work. I was having some weird dreams and thinking about all the ways my ex has hurt me. Weird.. I sort of wrote an additional post about it, but never went around publishing it on here… On more positive note, my Morocco job has been confirmed, sort of, as they sent me the scripts and the unit list. Was happy to see some familiar names on there and it actually got me pretty excited about going.

Also started listening to the new audiobook about awarenesses and now I feel like I am waking up, so to speak.

I now realise that my week has been so busy with work I actually didn’t take many photos, which is a bit sad, but, it is what it is.. Hope you come here for more that that.. 😉

Take care, stay healthy, love!


Monday. I am home, in bed. Finally, that’s all I can say. Having worked on Sunday, today already felt like the end of the week. Energy levels at it’s peak here… yea that’s sarcasm. Actually the day was good. We spent it all traveling on a train up and down and filming a rather important and dramatically intense scene. It was fun. I enjoyed it, I felt useful with my eyeline matching skills and that. If yesterday I was feeling a little down with my performance at work, today it was different and it just goes to show, that every day is a new opportunity to do better and be better. Having said that, I was also contemplating why on this particular job I feel a bit more sensitive than usual and it dawned on me. For quite some time I have been saying and trying to be less avoidant and “feel all the feelings” good and bad. Now I am starting to see that perhaps my efforts started to pay off. Yes maybe sensitivity is not always that advantageous when working in a pretty hectic environment, which film set can be, but on the other had, I would rather feel that, than be my usual avoidant self, bottling up the feelings and throwing those bottles away. After all we should recycle. (I know, deep metaphor here) But it’s true. Being able to feel all the joys of love and happiness comes at the cost of being equally susceptive to feeling down and fragile. For now I leave my Monday thoughts at this and lets see what the rest of the week will bring. Also I had a Covid test this morning, results will probably come on Wednesday, so fingers crossed. One can never know. Good night!

Tuesday. Day at work done. Another one mostly spent on trains. Luckily it was much warmer and we didn’t freeze to the bone as yesterday. Our main baddy in the show is such an incredible actor it’s just so thrilling to watch him. Also he is genuinely one of the nicest actors I have encountered. Irony right? So after the day at work I had a very relaxing evening with some take out in the form of a burger and few donuts. Keto is taking a break this week. I feel like I need sugar and some endorphins it produces. Also I watched a movie called Mortal engines. As I was watching it, I thought that it was rather bad, couldn’t quite put my finger on it why, but yeah.. after one simple google search I found out that it is actually on a list of one of the worst films released in 2018 and it is so bad it is good. Funny. It is based on a book and there are three more possible films which could make a sequel, but since it flopped there won’t be any. However, I think books could be actually much better, so I might give them a read one day. All in all the day was good and I am going to bed happy. Hopefully I won’t dream of work again. Night!

Wednesday. All day outside. Got really kinda cold by the end of it. I ordered an electric vest on a weekend, so it cannot come soon enough. I had a FaceTime date planned with my Mexican friend, but literally passed out just before the call. My clothes, ponytail and lights all on. Yeah.. 

Thursday. Day at work was alright. Really cold actually, to the point that my iPads battery started dying in front of my eyes. Luckily a friend in costume department gave me a hot water bottle to warm up my iPad and it helped. Actually it helped to keep me warm too as my electric vest haven’t arrived yet. Well it did, but not in time for me to take it to work. Anyway.. Glad to be home. Ah yes, the highlight of todays day at work was my trip to McDonalds to pick up some coffee for myself and the camera friends. I realised that I have not been out anywhere for a month now. Crazy!!

Friday. Week of work done. 6 days of early mornings. Grateful that I have a job, but tired.. I am not a morning person.. I’ve been thinking a lot about my past relationships lately and what good came out of it and what actually scarred me for some time. I know I am so dramatic, but such is truth. In real life news, I cannot wait for the weekend, have things planed and I am excited to do something outside of work!

Saturday. Finally had my pilates class. Felt so good! Also a driving lesson afterwards. Feel pretty good about it, looking forward to the new independence once I have the license. Finished listening to “Solar” and started a new book which got me thinking a lot.

Sunday. Pilates in the morning and a nice long call with a friend in the afternoon. Also did my second load of laundry this weekend and did a general tidy up. Clean house helps with clearing my mind of unnecessary clutter too. I walked home from my pilates class this morning and was a bit surprised to see that it’s kinda christmasy all around! I am hoping that I can still make it home for Christmas this year and seeing all those decorations make me feel like the time with my family is just around the corner.


  • Another week of work.
  • Cheating on Keto with donuts. I feel like my sugar levels have been replenished.
  • Driving!
  • Pilates!!
  • I ordered a Christmas set of my favourite perfume last night, as part of a Black Friday sale. This was a completely unnecessary purchase, but I am so excited for it to arrive.
  • Reordered the heated vest, as the one which arrived is way too big! Honestly, what’s up with the American sizing?? So misleading.
  • The new audiobook I am listening to!
  • All the Christmasy stuff, anticipation is growing!
  • Was so overwhelmed with work that did not have time to look at any news, so no I deal what is happening Covid wise. I must say, not knowing does feel good.

Cheers with a glass full of hopeful and rather festive elephant!