Good evening friends!

Another week, another post.

A lot has happened in the world this week it seems and I wish I could say that I managed to stay on top of those things, but honestly, no. Not really.. Work has been pretty all consuming. I have fallen into the whole work, home, home work routine and that way my mind felt like it had space to wonder. So it did, as I started doing morning meditations on my drive into work and I am sure as a result of that I had one of the best weeks on the job so far. I am a bit tired at the moment of writing, hence my enthusiasm is not shining through, but… believe me! Haha

Also I have just purchased my flight back home for Christmas! Huray!

And.. there is something else I want to say, just because I want to have a record of this and you all are my witnesses. So I have decided to explore other career possibilities within my industry and well, there are many reasons as to why I finally want to take that transition, but for now, let’s just say that I am finally ready. Oh so yes, I have decided to pursue a directorial path. Let’s see how that works out, but somehow after mentioning it to few of my work related friends they did not seem that surprised and I take it as a good sign.

Anyway, who is psyched about the Covid vaccine??


Monday. In bed now. The day at work just flew by! Also I have been practicing awareness techniques I’ve listened in the book over the weekend and honestly it’s been a while I had such a nice day. Actors were lovely, work was smooth I could not ask for more. Oh actually I set up a trading account today, as it seems to be the new hype between the colleagues during the down time at work. So yea, I could definitely ask to get some millions out of it. In Christmas related news, I have found out yesterday, that as a film crew professional I can be exempt from self isolation, when travelling for work. Which means, that I can fly to Lithuania for Christmas and on my way back to the UK in January, I can just go back to work. How cool is that. Well the production will have to write me a letter and everything, but still, it is definitely a bright light in my horizon! Ah yes also, it started snowing back home too, and the Christmas tree in the main square is up. I am getting excited about this festive season! Love to you all! Good night!

Tuesday. Another good day at work done. It was pretty cold and kinda Christmasy. I took my new hot water bottle to work today and it kept my iPad, my knees and my fingers nice and warm. Game changer! The cast we had today were lovely and work wise it all went smooth. We got 2 and a half weeks left of filming before our Christmas hiatus as they call it and it really adds some excitement to the whole work experience. I got in an hour before the calletime this morning and had breakfast with one of my colleagues as he was playing guitar in his van home. Such a nice way to start the day! I am blessed with kind hearted people on this project that is for sure. Also I dabbled in the stock market last night and my 60 pound investment turned into 40 pound profit. That was kinda cool. I am still practicing the awarenesses I’ve read/listened in the audiobook and it gives a sensation of out of body experience, which actually feels very nice.. calming and happy. Once again I go to sleep happy! Good night you all, hope your week is a smooth sailing! Love!

Wednesday. In bed and tired. Today felt like Friday and I have only myself to blame as I am getting about 5 hours of sleep every night. Work went well. It makes such a difference when we have experienced actors, as they just make everything so much easier with no continuity mistakes and we can just concentrate on making beautiful shots, coverage and getting the right performance. My hot water bottle is my new friend on set, even though we are filming indoors, due to Covid windows have to be opened and it just gets so drafty and cold. At one point today I was rubbing my palms agains my legs just to get fingers warmed up and did not notice that I was actually causing quite a lot of noise. A bit embarrassing to say the least. In the real world events, I went to get my nails done after work, cause they were horrendous. All good now. My smaller size heated vest arrived today and the sample set of the perfumes I have ordered over the weekend. Cannot wait to try them all. Ah also, big news regarding the vaccine were announced and it seems that the UK will start rolling it out next week. Game changer if it really is the case. I’ll believe it when I see it though. For now, hope everyone is well and safe! Good night!

Thursday. We wrapped one of our locations today. This rather big house with a very narrow staircase. Everyone was happy about it as moving around with all the equipment and people in a way was a challenge. I was making an unusual amount of steps here and for no good reason, so I am happy too. Also wrapping a location means the show is slowly coming to the end. That in itself is pretty exciting. By this point in a week I feel exhausted. For the past couple of days I was trying to schedule a call with my Mexican friend, but honestly, I have no energy left outside of work. The body needs some serious zzz. That’s what I am about to do. Otherwise all is well in Manchester. Hope the same goes for you all, wherever you may be. Oh, on the positively warm note, my heated vest and a hot water bottle combo kept me nice and toasty today and the temperatures here really plummeted, just like the stock market yesterday. (Remember I am into that game now haha) Ok nighty night!

Friday. Good day at work. New location, right in the centre of Manchester and next to Starbucks! That is always a big plus when working out and about, for me still getting a coffee out feels like such a treat! SO! I consider today a testament to positive thinking and the whole awareness, because… It was supposed to rain all day and we had this big fight scene scheduled to be shot all in the exterior. The grown ups, aka the director and producers were walking around debating whether it is better to move the scene indoors just in case, because the following scene which we have already shot saw the actress in a completely dry costume and hair, which would have been a huge continuity error if she was to get totally soaked in this fight scene. Well ok, this was a very valid reason, but… I had such a strong positive feeling about the whole day, I knew it will not rain and there won’t be any continuity issues to worry about. Obviously, ultimately it was not my decision to make and all I could do was to share my positive comments, but in the end we did decide film it all as scripted and guess what, we finished it just before the rain. Boom!! Ah also I have found out from our stunt coordinator, that to be a stunt person in the UK you have to have at least 6 different top level qualifications such as black belt in a chosen martial art, top level high speed driving/ racing, falling – aka paragliding or parachuting, diving as a dive master, horse riding and so on. I mean how cool is that? It really shone some new light on this profession for me, I have so much respect those people now, not that I didn’t before, but you know what I mean. Overall a very good day and we wrapped half an hour early!

Saturday. Pilates in the morning followed by a driving lesson. Since the lock down is officially over, Manchester is back in tier 3, which is still rather strict, but my area was full of hustle and bustle! I did a quick run to the UPS drop off point and had to walk through my main road here and it was just packed with people! Everyone buying Christmas trees or queuing up outside stores waiting for their turn to shop. It all looked pretty idilic. If you ever visit Manchester I highly recommend staying in Didsbury, it is such a beautiful area, I love it. Oh, also I had a bit of an illegal meet up with one of my colleagues who cooked an amazing steak dinner for us. We talked about life and work and watched assemblies of our current job discussing good and bad. It was really very nice, Can’t remember the last time I was social outside of work and absolutely have no recollection when was the last time someone cooked dinner for me. Blessed and grateful are the words here.

Sunday. Morning pilates today. The instructor is amazing! Sometimes after our classes I just feel lucky that she had time for me. For most part the rest of the day was mellow, as I was feeling a bit hungover.. yea a bit too much wine last night, but no regrets! Also I had a first driving lesson in the dark today. Feeling proud! My Mexican friend cancelled our call today and I was glad he did as I was not in the mood, but did not want to say it. It made me think that perhaps I too often don’t speak my mind in similar situations. Note for self here. Anyway, it’s getting late, so I have to wrap this week up. Love and prosperity to you all!! 


  • Awake awarenesses.
  • Heated vest!
  • Hot water bottle!
  • Flights home for Christmas!!!
  • Discussions about film and life.
  • Lock down is over!
  • Vaccine being released!!
  • My stock market success. (Well, that’s a bit far fetched, but allow me to be optimistic)
  • My colleagues are awesome!
  • My new perfumes, love love love!
  • Being able to drive!
  • Pilates pilates pilates. (So good, saying it once, doesn’t feel like enough)

Cheers with the glass full of aware elephant!