Hello friends!

I am well behind with my Manchester diary, but in truth, those past two weeks have been very very hard for me. Not just work wise, but also emotionally and physically.

Since my Manchester adventure is coming to an end I started feeling everything way more intensely. It is a weird one, because I have been looking forward to finishing this project for a while, but once again, when the end comes near the fear or maybe anticipation of it starts playing with your heart and brain.

I am very very grateful for my time in Manchester, it has been very challenging at times with isolation and lockdowns, but I got to learn how to drive here, I discovered pilates with equipment here, I have met some really really nice people, who I can call friends now. Manchester has been very good to me. Also it was my first proper full length job during the pandemic. Working in 2020 is something we as a film crew will remember for years to come I am sure. There were ups and downs like in any job, but in the end I tend to remember just the good stuff and I am way happier for it.

Thank you Manchester. Thank you guys for sticking with me through it!

Stay safe and healthy!


Week 16:

Monday. First day back. So cold! Passed out in bed.

Tuesday. New day new hotel. Moved closer to the shooting location to avoid almost 3 hours of travel. Huray! Booked my flights to Mexico. A bit scared. Hope it works out.

Wednesday. In bed after another long day at work. As continuity goes I have a lot of work these days. We are doing a lot of small scenes which are scattered across all of the episodes and are in one location, aka mansion house here in Skipton. So last night I have purchased my flight tickets to Mexico. Today my Moroccan job emailed about travel arrangements for Morocco. In current times travelling can be a bit difficult, especially when going from the UK. But we shall see!

Thursday. So tired. This week has been pretty hard at work. And it snowed today. Some scenes have to be rewritten and reshot as interiors, because we cannot shoot outside with the snow. Continuity! This is what happens when you shoot through more than one season and the story is set in the space of one week.

Friday. Back in Manchester. We get two day weekend and I cannot wait to use them both. Tired to the max.

Saturday. Pilates. Lithuanian shop and a dinner with my colleague. Rather productive day. Feeling sentimental, as I usually do at the end of a job. This feels more intense and I guess its the hormones of the pandemic.

Sunday. I wish I had somewhere to do my laundry. Living in a hotel sucks for those reasons. Otherwise all is rather well. I managed to sleep and had a very nice call with my Mexican friend. Excited to be going, but also can’t quite believe that I do.

Week 17:

Monday. Day in Liverpool. Finishing off scenes from my breakdowns is very satisfying. I maintain spreadsheets in order to keep better continuity and I colour them green once the scene has been shot. Most of the episodes are green now and it’s so exciting. Also my first time in Liverpool. Rather good! Comedy moment happened on this square today, where a flying seagull stole some passers by Pret sandwich. It was still in the plastic, so the woman actually chased the bird for good 5 minutes before giving up on her breakfast. I only wish I would have realised to film it with my phone, so I could show you guys. It was very funny.

Tuesday. Another day in Liverpool. Now I am tired, it was a long and early drive, also one of the hardest days we had on the whole job. 4 cameras, all action and drenching rain and wind all through out. I suppose if I wasn’t running around all the time trying to keep up I would have gotten very cold. But hey ho. It is done and it’s such a relief.

Wednesday. Back in Manchester. Have been passing out in my bed with my clothes and lights on for the past 2 nights now, I really tried not to let that happen today. I washed my hair and tidied in my room. Clean environment does equal cleaner mind. Had another call with my Mexican buddy. I’ll believe I am going there once I am on the plane!

Thursday. Usually I really like Thursdays at work, because it’s almost the end of the week and the spirits are happy and hight. However this last week we are on for 6 days. It’s a nothing special Thursday. Me passing out in bed with the lights on Thursday. Me having very strange dreams Thursday. Waking up on a Friday morning to the cancelled airplane tickets Thursday.

Friday. So yes today I woke up to the messaged from the Royal Dutch airlines that due to this new Covid strain in the UK they are shutting down boarders for anyone coming from there. There goes my connection flight in Amsterdam… The day at work was also rather stressful. Actually it was another big day, but I was so out of it, trying to figure out what to do, that the day flew by. In the evening I did more research and in the end I ended up throwing money at the problem, as one of my work friends would say. I got myself a direct flight from London to Mexico City, to avoid possible EU boarder closures. The best part is that I would be flying business class from Manchester via London. I have never done such long flight in business class before so I am really looking forward.

Saturday. Last day at work. Can’t believe it. The work itself was easy, so we had a lot of time to socialise and say our goodbyes. Because of a pandemic there will be no usual wrap party so this is really the most we get. Honestly after the wrap everything seems like one big haze. Maybe the two glasses of Prosecco had something to do with it, but yes, I am once again a bit lost and confused.

Sunday. Had so much to do. But mainly packing packing packing. I was so tired I didn’t start doing it until midnight and because I have an early flight on Monday I just chose not to sleep at all. Hardcore, but also adds to my feeling of being in a haze. I really need to touch down, but all in due time I am sure.


  • Manchester.
  • Working through out the pandemic.
  • New friends.
  • New hobbies.
  • Audiobooks and the philosophies.
  • Wrap!

Cheers with a glass full of hazy elephant!