I will be honest with you, I have been feeling rather useless the past couple of weeks. No, it isn’t in the bad way. My mind just switched off it seems and I stopped fighting to keep it on.

The past couple of weeks feel like a dream, perhaps because I have slept A LOT. By a lot I mean more than 8 hours a day plus naps naps naps. My Mexican friend says I am living my best life and in a way it is true. I am lucky I have this opportunity to just do nothing, think of nothing and worry of nothing. Well it is not entirely true, but it’s harder to worry about things when I am asleep.

I haven’t been following with my day to day diary those couple of weeks either, so entries are rather short, also I took a break with my gratitude diary. Somehow I realised that doing it every morning was stressing me out and it shouldn’t at all. So yes a complete shut down and reset of my hardware and software here.

Hope all of you are staying healthy and safe.

Love from sunny Mexico!


Week 1

Monday. Arrived. Manchester to Mexico City. Jetlagged or not? Not too sure. Trying to touch down.

Tuesday. Post long project haze. Slept a lot today. The only productive thing was a walk to get some enchiladas. Then a little nap turned into a 6 hours sleep. Funny, because last week I would not even get that during what was supposed to be a full night of sleep. Body needs proper recovery.

Wednesday. Got some news from work. Morocco postponed. London first, not too happy about it. Went for a long walk to the supermarket. Getting to know each other.

Thursday. Laundry, went for a drink at the roof top bar. Planned to continue at home at the roof top, but fell asleep on the couch. We’re so old.

Friday. Trip to Queretaro. Met some of his friends. Super nice, everyone speaks very good English (not sure what I was expecting??) also after few drinks I feel like my telenovela level of Spanish is sufficient enough to keep a conversation. Also it could be Mezcal mojitos talking.

Saturday. Breakfast with His cousin. Super Mexican, colourful and traditional. Went to get a haircut. Finally! Was impossible to do any of that in Europe due to the lockdown. After a trip to the vineyard with Mariana and Gabriel. Super nice, rather fancy and a tad romantic. Spent the night in San Miguel.

Sunday. Mimosas breakfast in San Miguel. The little town is very very pretty. As we were having the breakfast I was just thinking how much I would love for my sister and my mom to see it all and experience it with me. In the evening there was a house warming bbq party in Querataro for Gabriel.

Week 2

Monday. Lazy day and a bit of exploring. Roof top drinks, just the two of us before going back to Mexico City on the night bus.

Tuesday. Pilates. Yes I have found a teacher to train with! Pilates makes me feel so much better, grounded and in control of my body as well as mind. Anyway, so glad I could train again.

Wednesday. Pilates. Trips to the studio is one of the first independent things I do in Mexico City, as I take an uber back and forth on my own. I know it might not seem like a lot, but I feel a bit fragile like a child, so yes it is a milestone for me. In the evening we had drinks on the roof with the neighbours who just got back from Switzerland I believe. They have a piano at their apartment so we played that a bit. Remember I tried to learn it during the first lockdown? Well the dream is still very much alive. It felt so good I regret not buying myself a digital piano back in Manchester like I wanted.

Thursday. Pilates. Laundry and naps. 

Friday. Went for the manicure and pedicure. Treating myself. I know it might sound vain, but I have missed all those little beauty things. Usually when I work, it is so intense there is no time to care about the appearance and by the end of the project I feel like a used broom. Getting a bit of pampering is sort of a tradition to feel more like a human.

Saturday. Flight to Puerto Esscondido. So beach destination. Check! I have booked a hotel for us with a sea view and photos looked so so nice. The reality however was a bit different. There is a massive grey half built hotel in front of all of the view. It is a bit sad for us yes, but I can imagine how sad it is for the owner of the hotel. Tragic really. Perfect example of corporate capitalism destroying local businesses.

Sunday. Beach, chill and Super Bowl. First time watching the game among other little milestones. We are going to stay here for the whole of the next week. Hopefully I find the time to write. Also it is the last week before I return to work. I need to start thinking about buying my flights back to London…


  • Sleep and naps!
  • My flight to Mexico.
  • Good company and food!
  • Sun and warmth!
  • Pilates.
  • Catching up with my family!

Cheers with a glass full of napping elephant!